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This is invisible stuff up thereFolks were just lying around on the grassThis
year we have carefully added new titles not previously available to a national
audience as well as selecting titles from last year's list of publishersDoes a
healthy body mean a healthy mindThe Soviets have vastly understated
their lossesWe've got nuclear trucking going through our cityHam radio is
always used in the initial stages of a disasterThere is fear of loss of face and
world opinion and the space program will go onWe're here on 67th St. and
Lexington Ave.That international aid be allowed into the UkraineAn ex-
pert on bone marrow transplantPerhaps he will offer them access to the
American listThe documents were found in the national archive in Washing-
tonA resistance to the hiring of gays on the part of the membershipHow do
we know some of those haven't infiltrated the police dept.They're disgracing
the jobThe crunch comes when the issue goes publicU.S. oil companies or
their subsidiaries still pump most of Libya's oilRadiation clouds dissipating
It was a special day for some special dogsWe'll brighten up your patio, shove
a couple of creepers up your trellisThis was Haiti last FebruaryNo charge
against the former first lady seemed too extremeNice weather, spring, it's so
wonderfulDo you know the name of the astronaut who became America's first
man in spaceIt happened today twenty-five years agoWill the 49,000 who
had to be evacuated from the area ever be able to go home againThat's some-
thing I can't give any credence to without a professional evaluationA mother
and her 13 year old son were both selling drugsThis is holocaust remembrance
dayHow big a ransom did the letter ask for

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