Do Well

Use it. People conceive and conceive of
as liminal. Representation, word or
perhaps musing the unknown
to disappear.

Do they lose electricity imagine
the maximum will be known. Dance,
the Tao of Physics

imply multiplicity the dead
after an earthquake. Only
part of what

has been intended, mysterious

and we make them up. As in
cosmetic. What words do well
he says. Connect. Proliferation

of living organisms, morticians refuse

to take proper care of the bodies. Universe
as mind, go ahead, indulge. The ineffable
not necessarily memory, a serious

error, my hand remembers. Dance?
Till the chandelier
shakes, mirror,

make-up imagined, stringy, lift

playing with another with
oneselfto play


The dentist's hand, "What flavor
would you like?"


"Open wide."

The finger, the wild bite


Frances Jaffer

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