Linda Marie Walker


The work featured here belongs to a bigger project called A Drop In The Ocean, Slowly. This is a slow process of making visible texts and images which have been written and gathered over many years and are continuing to be written/gathered. Sometimes these texts have appeared in artworks, sometimes in academic journals, sometimes in essays for artists, and occasionally in literary journals. In 2004 I received an Australia Council grant (Visual Arts/Craft Board) to produce a number of texts in artist-book form for exhibition (of which this work is an aspect). The original plan was to produce one hundred books (a drop in the ocean, slowly).

In this feature, the three texts and video-work are presented separately, but also as pieces linked together by hypertext. Follow the links within each of the texts to move between texts and video.


Flights Home

North Star (extract)

The Video Version



Previously published sections of A Drop in the Ocean, Slowly by Linda Marie Walker:


and, dear, chair music

Wishing (a collaboration with Gregory Ulmer)

Four Cries

Star Dusk /Noon Star (a collaboration with Gregory Ulmer)

The Electronic Writing Research Ensemble (site founded by Linda Marie Walker and Dr. Jyanni Steffensen; it is designed and managed by Dr Teri Hoskin)

An Archaeology of Surface(s)

Line Of Sight



Dr Linda Marie Waker is a writer, artist, and curator who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She's a senior lecturer in the Louis Laybourne-Smith School of Architecture & Design at the University of South Australia and is a member of the School's Visual Art & Design Research Group. She is presently writing a novel called The Calm Blue Inland Sea – you can find glimpses of this inland sea on the Coorong sites below:



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