Sophie Robinson

w h e r e t h e w o o d b i n e t w i n e t h



d o l l s i n g s c r i m i n a l
joint A is flavourless when on
a 'she is felt both head and neck affected
imagination to the last
love's purchase is up between skirts with himlines fraying:

the blood that would offer a 'think' choice has just been perverted.

the low, the available
this mess she's in -
boys buy the same expressions because
quietly always 300% dead
electrical personality affection
facetypes and lubedollies
a body acts as intelligence and
disease attempts a ginger circuitry.
a l l t h i s a n d m o r e .

t r e a t t h e i r d o g s l i k e k i d s
safe in a people of 'he' singular -
a cover-up-all excuse
of virgin-tipping silicone limited apparent bodies
disturbingly play at non-betrayals & this degrades his love&money

and the dolls, blighted, have soft problems with body articulation.
a conveinient water-resistant emphasis on
fleshsex movement blurred for 3/4 of an inch
longlife sticky realness
likeness is written in the creature
beside him a head separation
rubber construction tendencies
biology thief admits real showcasing
continuous bodies and the
plastic real of w h i t m a n

b e y o n d l i e s , s h e ' s m e
a realistic pliant alternative
silicone other begins, worryingly elasticating
selfsame stain resistant
flesh could not solid the abyss
between an artificiality recluse & an imperceptible monster.

backworld joints and liars
with the writings.

a l l t h i s a n d m o r e .

t h e r e a l t h i n g i s d u e
putting the money aside for BodyType4
writing entirely no-anal
intelligent pocketmoney abyss
bellybutton elongation
customers should note : neck seam has been eliminated completely.

silky flesh of you is personality felt, and manicured art is when eyes go beyond the normal handmade 'i' -
articulation to construction and reclose infinitely.
a healthier synthetic innocence a virginal thing
she's redundant to the torso
offering flexible vaginal purchases
an elastic between for singing:
i s i n g t h e b o d y e l e c t r i c .

a c r e a t u r e a l s o e x p e r i e n c e s
physical human see-all phenomena
all vaginal viewings emphasise the 'her'
a reversing wrote desire

the 'i am the people' terminates at mid-thigh

now just frankenstein the joint imperceptibly.
fleshy made affordable
this electrical limited me.

breasts degrade twice,

i a t t e m p t a n e e r i e l i f e l i k e .

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