Marianne Morris

Females Full of Formulae



“Females Full of Formulae” wishes it could escape, but there's no getting away from real estate. I wrote it in a jungle-like garden landscaped in the Mendocino forest in between hot sun and really cold shade, and in between poems that were very much London-based and polemical, and unforgivingly dull attempts at prosewriting. The piece is much more cocky and philosophical than I would normally allow myself to be, but then you can take holidays from all kinds of things. I was thinking of Ezra Pound and “Rock Drill” and I was trying not to think of London.


Enter Females Full of Formulae


Marianne Morris is a writer, painter and taxidermic sculptor, based in East London. She has lived in the UK for sixteen years. She is 24. To see her visual work, please go to

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