special feature

Innovation in Contemporary Indian Poetry

Edited by Mani Rao

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Mani Rao
Introduction to Innovation in Contemporary Indian Poetry Feature
and Contributors’ Details (HTML | PDF)

Jane Bhandari
Two Poems (HTML | PDF)

Priya Sarukkai Chabria
War Poems from Babylon and Persia, 2005 (HTML | PDF)

Sampurna Chattarji
Two Poems (HTML | PDF)

Mamang Dai
The Voice of the Mountain (HTML | PDF)

Minal Hajratwala
The Shallows (HTML | PDF)

Jam Ismail
Two Poems (HTML | PDF)

Kavita Jindal
One A Penny, Two A Penny (HTML | PDF)

Smita Rajan
Man and Machine (HTML | PDF)

Mani Rao
Drought (HTML | PDF)

Archna Sahni
Plants Rewrite History (HTML | PDF)

Rati Saxena
I, In Udaipur (HTML | PDF)

Menka Shivdasani
Bird Woman (HTML | PDF)

Arundhathi Subramaniam
Two Poems (HTML | PDF)

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