Forum on Small Press Publishing

Convened and edited by Jane Sprague

For convenience, these articles are downloadable as HTML and as PDFs for printing.  To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.


Jane Sprague
Introduction to Forum on Small Press Publishing (HTML | PDF)

Daniel Bouchard
Subpress: go for it (HTML | PDF)

Mary Burger
Second Story Books (HTML | PDF)

Allison Cobb
What we don’t say about small press publishing (HTML | PDF)

Kristen Gallagher
Materials Matter (HTML | PDF)

Jocelyn Saidenberg and Judith Goldman
Krupskaya (HTML | PDF)

Rachel Levitsky
Belladonna* and Aesthetic Relevance in Poetic Community (HTML | PDF)

Jill Magi
Sona Books (HTML | PDF)

Bill Marsh
Factory School and Small Press Publishing (HTML | PDF)

Anna Moschovakis
Ugly Duckling Presse (HTML | PDF)

Elizabeth Robinson
A Discretion of Form: seriality and connectivity in chapbook culture (HTML | PDF)

Kaia Sand
many arrows touch a circle (HTML | PDF)

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