special feature

Critical Feature on Nicole Brossard

Coordinated by Jodi Lundgren and Kelly-Anne Maddox


For convenience, these articles are downloadable as HTML and as PDFs for printing.  To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.


Revisiting Nicole Brossard: An Introduction
by Jodi Lundgren and Kelly-Anne Maddox (HTML | PDF)

Nicole Brossard
Écrivaine (HTML | PDF)

Nicole Brossard (translated by Anne-Marie Wheeler)
Auther (HTML | PDF)

Kate Eichhorn (with Babel Fish Translation)
To Revisit: A Transitive Verb?  A babel translation of Nicole Brossard’s Journal Intime + commentary (HTML | PDF)

Nicole Brossard, Susan Rudy and Anne-Marie Wheeler in conversation
“words looking for another possibility”: Dialogue sur la traduction à propos d'“Écrivaine” (HTML | PDF)

Ghislaine Boulanger
A Feigned Essentialism in Nicole Brossard’s Work (HTML | PDF)

Jodi Lundgren
“A Girl in Combat in the City of Men”: The Civic, Resistant, Ontological Woman in the Work of Nicole Brossard (HTML | PDF)

Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem
“bringing me into the world”: Brossard’s Lovhers and the Domain of Linguistic Survival (HTML | PDF)

Nancy Gillespie
Before and after écriture au féminin: Uncanny Gothic connections in Nicole Brossard’s These Our Mothers Or: The Disintegrating Chapter, and Mauve Desert (HTML | PDF)

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