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"The Upside-Down Door": 14 Poets

Selected by Kate Fagan & Redell Olsen


For convenience, these articles are downloadable as HTML and as PDFs for printing.  To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free HERE.


Jane Sprague
5 Poems (HTML | PDF)

Jenn McCreary
":the calendar of lucky & unlucky days:" from :ab ovo: (HTML | PDF)

Rachel Moritz

Corinne Lee
Two poems (HTML | PDF)

Anne Blonstein
II/2, XII/71, XX/119 from correspondence with nobody (HTML | PDF)

Laura Sims
Four poems from Practice, Restraint (HTML | PDF)

Julia Cohen
To Fill a Sieve (HTML | PDF)

Carol Ciavonne
used to like moss and kept all her letters (HTML | PDF)

Nicole Mauro
Three poems from Prey (HTML | PDF)

Marianne Morris
from One (HTML | PDF)

Laura Solomon
from Songs for the Little Curtain of Flesh on the Bed of our Desire (HTML | PDF)

Claire Barbetti
The Stoning and Presences Tell Us Right From Wrong (HTML | PDF)

Jennifer Bartlett
from Hypnagogic Diary (HTML | PDF)

Wendy S. Walters
soon to be there and out of love for the gesture that is a poem, a house tries to anthropomorphize (HTML | PDF)

Note: The phrase "the upside-down door" appears in "To Fill a Sieve" by Julia Cohen.

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