The beginning of from is fro. The opposite of from is morph. A synonym of from is an accelerated heart beat. From lives in the bobbles that grow on old blankets. From is a trap. From is twice the size of this room.


From is half an old cheese. From has no owner. From has no future therefore is the future starting from now. From is coming and starting the balcony in London and maybe Rio de Janeiro. From is a good sport and a useful


biscuit on a long walk. From can open tins with its teeth. From has never won a competition but has often made the winning goal. From had already made the dinner and had it on the table by the time she got home. From


will be earning itself a good salary in ten year's time. From will have had two children in ten year's time. From will never resign. From is daily. From isn't resignation is a daily suicide. From is twice the size of the bobbles on


an old blanket. From is another beginning. From is not from but at. From is an accelerated heart beat and the water that quenches a passion. A synonym of from is an Indian restaurant. From happens when you heat goat's cheese.