A Sentence in France

by Ceridwen Buckmaster



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Working Note:

A text to enter at any place which interests you.

A sideways writing of the intimate objects of travel.

The piece confounds the conventional expectation of travel to expand self-knowledge of the traveller, yet it also speaks of the impossibility of leaving the self behind. A sentence in France was determined by the baggage that was carried around inside and as well as with.

It is a map, graffiti, a measure of time.

In my writing practice I combine strategies of collage, procedural writing, translation and visual poetics in an attempt to encourage the form of my writing to ‘find itself rather than replicate itself’. I work in digital media for its ease of dissemination and possibilities for layering and collage, while also exploring ‘book’ making - which I enjoy for its sculptural qualities - and performance. 

My work investigates the political disenfranchisement of the individual and ways of (re)constructing politicised subjectivities.

Ceridwen Buckmaster is a writer who lives in London. She has recently collaborated with Creative Partnerships to run poetry workshops for young people and she has also taught English to non-native speakers from a range of backgrounds. She is currently completing an MA in Poetic Practice at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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