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Working Note

More than once its been said quote

Art is art

Everything else is everything else

Everything else bores crap out O me/has over half a century



from New Orleans Dizzy Spit

from lundi gras un deraillement



Mop up tailspin

hydr peroxide blond fine-tune rootball z::
mulch poison ivy a-twines stuckup jujube
mouth one juj bee aftr nothur 25¢ matinee
Perjorative Everybody wants to have a say
centrafugalrevival half kilo kilo gram
I leave off hoe a-hoy!  say there, red-head,
iron, darn, patch, seven gardenia blossoms
les bonbons eskimo pie held fast each hand
paper fan [tarpaper hail Laredo Texas 78041

pill bus redeeewhee mexico pachuca s.a.
pill nil$ thrill set aside fans wolf lo pill
no. 92775408.74 XXXX6.02 ‘them’ what want
their say butter em up brace for Longhaul
& mess round flannel work shirt cake lather
shave kiss miss ofelia insurrect buzzword
reread Vitezslave Nezval & Andre Breton &
And, [just] to prove it, Tovar Albert
Lilianna Jere Heather Carolyn Kip Erik
Steve Bogan Eugenio Syd’s brother Wayne
Alyssa Renata Charlotte God A-mighty each
every one a liar K.C. Trey Reese Larry Mary
lie in wait lil white lies thru snowey
bleach-white incisors lie lie tenacious
fender dent repar ram reenoff inside lanes’
blue moon bleu

from New Orleans Dizzy Spit (Anabasis, 2000)

(Thanks to Thomas Taylor of Anabasis Press for permission to reprint the poems from New Orleans Dizzy Spit)

Assbust for bucks

$ hello
$ hello
easy come easy go

Pay through fleur-de-lis nose
Rapids shoot sandbar navigable

Savannah grasses mark
High infant mortality rate low
Interest lower earnings

   lift yoke
   fund rum distillery open lift
   rum barrel
   monetary unit’ll perch atop red ink
   herd hail Fellows well met

Freebee gift horse
Chafes bit
Labour taxes’ elbow leans right
Paper loons & fireworks demur
Inconvertible paper
Dinner parties graft tip
To worthless
Gratuity qui paie ses dettes

Ain’t miser in sight
American know-how: debt by fiat



French    the rich man is one who pays his debts



Gold Dung Flies

shiny gold fly upon manure
40 degrees passion nil
off to the races         God, yeah,
a mammal
a streambed’s unrequited zither
oboe Concerto D Major
Intermission harpsichord viola
violin cello pair
Sweet talk Remy Martin talent’ll
test drive phantom gangplank
here, hear,
D-Day bric-a-brac
romantic outre off limits
Allegro con brio giocoso
TelAmerican rangeland hindmost
shoo fly
shoo fly
don’t bother green epaulets
fly, nest, linger itinerant
lissome damselfly
overdue        take precaution
dungheap’ll smack of saffron-
yellow plumb-line New Orleans



Espouse Mad Cow

Lisette Jeansonne
Writes leftist journal
Her rude mouthings
Her dewy brow
Her guarded smiles’ scared
Mission face bull boiling
Over with right wing nerve
till Dante Street crams
Message deep inside
hip pocket
Red hanky’ll beep cow-catcher
till Brazilian Usina Barcelos
     renames mother’s
milk vodka tonic
till Lisette drips from
stigmata gore
throw money out
the window
throw bairn outside hearing
range collect purse or silk
ear galley proof
pads bullring barefoot
nasturtium petals’
leavetaking nuzzles
olive eye
and applause (rapt
and jimson weed highly toxic



Bow Deep Thrice

Monster tidal wave escapes
Fog horn looks out
Presses bright enamel icon
Against Pantokrator upon us
Rants intermitte
Tam ni pou tam ni be
Tam ni pou tam ni be

Son O Bitch hurricane season
Upon Dominican headquarters
A day past April Fool Day
Communion holy oil leaps
Fiddler plays mean bow
Vacant eyeglass frame looking
Upon air pocket & false heaven
Rid of old gook-layers
Leonardo’s Last Supper
Offering up black yoke
To devil





from lundi gras un deraillement


below deck taut wire

A throwback limps lists
   to port Orleans it’s Kwanzaa
   kids test drive Santa scooters
   guzzle coconut mild Zulu away off
St. Joseph street barge wrestles white-
   cap kaolin
   ! quaff sea air quicken vomit
   heave astern overboard
   Picadinhos de Carne bean cakes
Enroldadinhos Stewed green papaya
Obviously figurehead Brazilian
   Atavistic prow peeling rustbucket
   to gain admittance
   mess cook ‘Bolo’ winks eye indigo
   prow blunderbuss
   read flag
Order & Progress



early dark

looks not kindly on latterday Beats under
contract underneath zinc bar.  A pallbearer
co-chairs reading showcases deep south
Salon des Refuses Irish Channel.  Eavesdrop
nude picks up sarde a beccafico [bird turd
dirty shoulder cold [[rank amateur bard
is fighting to control mike.  Ingwerson’s
vanity press chapbook doodle peptalks
Earthiness tippytoes past register &
abacus pees against iron grille breaks New
Orleans ordinance 91b4]] outside prelate
hurries head down against November gusts as
microphone falls into Vajna’s right hand.



explain rain

Jimmy Swaggart paces sanctuary
collection’s gold plates mirror rants
faux tongue-cheek-chants downright
Devilish [Satan on muleback a-comes
comes  vigil eucharist be damned
spy station offshore Cuba hangs
‘shut flusso’ sign over latchkey hole
quid pro Treaty gone ballistic
down Bluebonnet bereavement & quickie
baptisms [sheep dip bath coattails
flip coat tales ride up buttock saddle
sore five doors up from shoe shop
torrential rain dams fjord to hell
& back Alleluja

Bio: One’s work IS One’s bio / no work no bio //


Southern Perils

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