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The Scales Project
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about this section:

Brief commentaries/ new scholarly finds/ research projects-in-process, improvised conversations concerning books of original poetry & other innovative written forms, including responses to new works of scholarship. We want to know how you are thinking about the works you are reading by women writers in the modernist or experimentalist traditions. Poets, scholars, students, readers are invited to contribute to this section. Send suggestions or finished speculations to: Ann Vickery <>

Logan Esdale
Office Keys and Outer Space: Review of Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets

Susan M. Schultz
on Ann Lauterbach's Selected Poems

Rod Mengham
on Jennifer Moxley's Imagination Verses

MTC Cronin
on JS Harry's
Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow

Arielle Greenberg
on Linda Russo's
Secret Silent Plan

Bob Perelman
on Jo & Drew Milne's Pianola

The Scales Project
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