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Vol. I, No. 4 September, 2000

Traces of the "actual": how writing writes itself

Artwork by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo
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"line become approximate form and (sometimes) line again"

Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

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Guest editors, Mytili Jagannathan and Elisabeth Joyce

Mary Baine Campbell
Erika Renée Williams
Sara Lundquist
Elizabeth Treadwell
Deborah M. Mix
Cynthia Davidson
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Linda A. Kinnahan
Jen Hofer

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Poetry by Patrizia Vicinelli
Translated by
Carla Billitteri

Coordinated by Cole Swensen

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Interview between Gail Scott and Corey Frost

excerpt from Gail Scott's book, My Paris

Four Saints in Three Acts: Stein Collages by Gonzalo Tena

Glass Book by Laurie Price

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"A Little Girl Dreams of Taking the Veil," Adapted for the opera by Carla Harryman and Erling Wold


How(ever) Archive [1983-1992], and How2, V. I, n. 1-3.

new writing . o O

Guest editor Carla Harryman:

France Théoret,
Sawako Nakayasu
Jeanne Heuving
Rebecca Brown
Camille Roy
Chris Tysh
Cole Heinowitz
Jennifer Ginzinger
Lynne Crawford
Sydney Brown

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Critical reflections, research, interviews by:

Ann Vickery, from Leaving Lines of Gender

Marina Morbiducci, "Oriental Peaceful Penetration": Stein Revisited

Wendy Tronrud, The Temptation of Neat Intelligibility: an Interview with dancer/filmaker, Yvonne Rainer

Renata Morresi, Set Apart: Nancy Cunard

Linda Russo, The Limited Scope of the Recuperative Model: a context for reading JoAnn Kyger

Hilda Bronstein, Mina Loy's Insel as Caustic Critique of the Surrealist Paradox

Brenda Hillman, Crossing The Garden: Rae Armantrout's Metaphysics

"Part II: Contemporary Women Poets Seminar": presented at New Modernisms conference, Penn State, Fall 1999 

Guest edited by Sarah Lundquist

Sara Lundquist, Introduction: The Difficult Soundings of Modernism's Female Half

Kimberly Lamm, Modernist Clothes Made New: The Visible Presence of Zora Neal Hurston and Gertrude Stein in Harryette Mullen's Trimmings

Nesrin Eruysal, In Habentibus Symbolum Facilior Est Transitus

Jenny Goodman, Breaking the Taboo against the Epic

Cynthia Hogue, I am not of that feather: Kathleen Fraser's Postmodernist Poetics

Edward Lintz, Antanaclasis for the Masses: Lancelot Andrewes and Gertrude Stein

Sara Lundquist, Hers and Mine / Hers and Mine: H.D. and Barbara Guest

Caroline Maun, Evelyn Scott's Precipitations

Heather Thomas, H.D. and Anne Waldman: Vow to Salvation Poetry


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Short commentaries on recent writing by:

"Livres de Po鋈es", Dale Going talks to six poets about the books they make, with writing by: Lisa Kokin, Emily McVarish, Denise Newman, Eléna Rivera, Jaime Robles, Meredith Stricker

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Marina Camboni, Dora Marsden, Ezra Pound, H.D. and ‘The Art of the Future’: Part

Katie Degentesh, Freud in Brooklyn: Poems by Joanna Fuhrman

Simone Fattal, Reading Nathalie Sarraute: A Memoir

Beckian Fritz Goldberg, Under the Room of What We Say: on Jean Valentine

Annalisa Goldoni, Susan Glaspell: from silence to silence

Cynthia Hogue, Practicing Amnesia and The Fray: poems by Heather Thomas

Christine Hume, Is That a Real Poem or Did You Make it Up Yourself? on Prageeta Sharma

Catherine Kasper, Thalia Field, Point and Line

Emily McVarish, Figuring the Word: in the work of Johanna Drucker

Ramez Qureshi, Happily by Lyn Hejinian

Harriet Tarlo & Eileen Gregory, Tarlo & Gregory read Collecott's H.D. and Sapphism

Beverly Tsao, Kimiko Hahn: Burning the Incense of the Heart

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With email from:
Jeff Hamilton, Suzie Rodriguez, Carla Harryman, Holly Iglesias, Nada Gordon, Arpine Grenier, Marina Morbiducci, Eileen Callahan, Linda Russo, Catherine Kasper, Margaret Butterfield, Elizabeth Robinson, Nesrin Eruysal, Fanny Howe

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