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Training Calendar

The Training calendar has moved!

Our partners in HR training have moved their reservation and training management tool (pathlore) under ASU authentication. Now you don't have to remember your affiliate ID anymore! (100....)

This means that we no longer can link directly to a class. The new system is full of great features and is easy to use. Here's how:

Step Illustration
1) Go to this URL:  
2) Click on any of these links: Training, Register or Course Search link
3) Login with your ASURite ID and password login
4) Click on "Search for a Specific Class Click on Search for a specific class
5) Choose "OASIS|PeopleSoft Classes" and click on Search click on oasis peoplesoft classes and then search
6) The list of classes will appear, click on the "calendar view" link in the upper right corner to view it as a calendar. calendar view