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implement, ADAPT, grow

Alll righty then.. 2007 was our year to implement PeopleSoft. You all did a great job! Now in 2008 we will ADAPT to the new system, which means deepening our understanding of the software and looking for ways that we can do our business better and faster using the new software!

Training Calendar
The training calendar has been improved! You no longer need to remember your affiliate ID, as the calendar is now under ASURITE authentication! Click on the link to the for step-by-step instructions on seeing our instructor-led class schedule.

Training Curriculum
The curriculum shows you all OASIS classes, and the PeopleSoft roles that you can apply for after taking them. You can request a new instructor-led session from this page as well.

Job Aids
Looking for help with PeopleSoft? The Job Aids page holds hundreds of documents, videos, simulations and job aids to help you do your job.

Instructor Led Courses
We offer our Advising, Hiring, EPM and HRIS Peoplesoft classes monthly in Tempe and quarterly at the rest of the campuses. Check the training calendar for the next session near you!

Online Courses
We have 54 different classes offered in blackboard. If an instructor-led class isn't offered soon enough, try our online courses. Instructions

Training Projects 2008

The OASIS training team is working on these projects in 2008:

  • Establish strong, two-way communication with PeopleSoft users at ASU
  • Create new ways to communicate about using PeopleSoft at ASU
  • Support the Rollout of Effort Reporting using PeopleSoft.
  • Create training for hiring Faculty, Student workers and Assistants of all types
  • Update the online training for Advising and HR
  • Publish training that helps people use the Data Warehouse
  • Support ASU's orientation programs
  • Answer people's questions about using PeopleSoft and other data systems
  • Represent ASU at the Annual HEUG Alliance conference
  • Use Video to document tips and tricks for using PeopleSoft and other software

To Ask the OASIS training team a Question

Do you have a question about OASIS? E-mail us at