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---. Rossetti's Sister Helen. Janet Camp Troxell, ed. New Haven: Yale UP, 1939. "The text of Sister Helen is traced here through the author's changes from its first appearance in the Dusseldorf artists' album in 1854 to the Poems, 1881." PRB-950

---. Silent Noon. Los Angeles?: Jacobson and Pearson, 1949. "Set up in battered type and printed late one night by Frank Jacobson and Reuben Pearson. August, 1949." PRBP-3

---. Silent Noon. Stoke Ferry, Norfolk: Daedalus P, 196?. Printed on pink card stock. PRBP-4

---. Sir Hugh the Heron: A Legendary Tale in Four Parts. London: Polidori's Private P, 1843. "For private circulation only." Author's presentation copy inscribed to F. T. Cary. In fourfold wrapper of leather. PRB-307

---. So This Then is The House of Life: Being a Collection of Sonnets. East Aurora, N.Y.: Roycrofters, 1899. Cover title: House of life. "There were printed and specially illumined by hand nine hundred and twenty-five copies. This book is no. 305." Illumined by Edith Andrews. PRB-866

---. Sonnets and Lyrical Poems. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1894. Bound in limp vellum. PRB-486

---. Sonnets and Songs Towards a Work to be Called The House of Life. Maastricht: Leiter-Nypels, 1926. "Printed in two hundred copies only." "This copy is no. 182." Blue printed wrappers. PRB-303

---. Verses. London: Privately Printed, 1881. A "Wise forgery." Contents: At the fall of the leaf; After the French liberation of Italy. c.1: Original wrappers; has buckram folder in slipcase with quarter-leather with gilt raised bands on spine. c.2: Bound in red half-leather with marbled boards; includes original cover. PRB-308

---. The White Ship: A Little Book of Poems Selected From the Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Boston: Colesworthy, 1896. Title in red and black. "Four hundred, fifty copies. This is no. 196." "Printed at the Cornhill Press." PRB-438

---. The Works of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. William M. Rossetti, ed. Rev. and enl. ed. London: Ellis, 1911. PRB-718

Rossetti, Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe. Gabriele Rossetti: A Versified Autobiography. William Michael Rossetti, tr. London: Sands, 1901. "This edition consists of 1000 copies only." The Special Collection copy is not numbered. Gabriele Rossetti, father of Dante Gabriel and Christina Rossetti, has found popularity in Italy, but is little known in England, according to William Michael Rossetti, translator. Rossetti goes on to quote Dr. Garnett, in his History of Italian Literature who said that "Rossetti assuredly will not be forgotten by England, for which he has done what no other inhabitant of these isles ever did, in begetting two great poets." Rossetti continues by saying that "on me it can be no less than a filial obligation to do what I can for the memory of my patriotic, highly gifted, laborious, and loving father. I therefore offer to the British public the following authentic record of him, and leave it to obtain such readers as it may." The contents of this work then include Gabriele Rossetti's autobiography, including his life in Italy and his life in exile in Malta and England. The appendix has six of his letters to his wife and eight letters to Charles Lyell, Kinnordy. There are also three letters to him from Seymour (Barone) Kirkup and eleven from Giuseppe Mazzini, as well as six poems by Gabriele Rossetti. The work contains six illustrations and concludes with an index of names. PRB-147

---. Il Veggente in Solitudine: Poema Polimetro. Italia: 1846. PRB-699

---. L'Arpa Evangelica. Genova: Rossi, 1852. Poems. Note inside flyleaf. Contemporary half calf. PRB-587

---. Versi di Gabriele Rossetti. n.p.: Bonamici, 1847. Inscribed on the title page: "Offered by Christina Rossetti." This work includes a letter from Gabriele Rossetti to his publisher, S. Bonamici, as well as a brief author introduction, all in Italian. PRB-146

Rossetti, Lucy Madox Brown. Mrs. Shelley. London: Allen, 1890. Half-title: Eminent Women Series, J. H. Ingram, ed. Inscription on flyleaf: Aggie, from M. A. K., April 9th, 1890. Original green cloth binding with gold lettering on cover and spine. PRB-342 Rossetti, Maria Francesca. A Shadow of Dante, Being an Essay Towards Studying Himself, His World and His Pilgrimage. London: Rivingtons, 1871. Maria Francesca Rossetti opens this work with introductory comments about Dante, "a name unlimited in place and period. Not Italy, but the Universe, is his birthplace; not the fourteenth century, but all Time, is his epoch. He rises before us and above us like the Pyramids–awful, massive, solitary; the embodiment of the character , the realization of the science, of his clime and day; yet the outcome of a far wider past, the standard of a far wider future. Like the Pyramids, again, he is known to all by name and by pictorial representation; must we not add, like them unknown to most by actual sight and presence? Who among us has indeed experienced the soul-subduing hush of his solemnity? Who beheld all average heights dwarfed by his sublimity?" Thus, Rossetti sets the mood for her work on Dante. She continues with chapters on Dante's universe, Dante's life experiences, the apparition of Virgil, Hell, Dante's pilgrimage through hell, purgatory, Dante's pilgrimage through purgatory, Garden of Eden and the descent of Beatrice, paradise, and Dante's pilgrimage through paradise. The work also contains five illustrations, four of which are fold-out maps of the universe, hell, purgatory, and the rose of the blessed. PRB-143

---. A Shadow of Dante, Being an Essay Towards Studying Himself, His World, and His Pilgrimage. 5th ed. London: Rivingtons, 1889. PRB-710

Rossetti, William Michael. Dante and his Convito: A Study with Translations. London: Mathews, 1910. Rossetti notes in his introduction to his translation that Dante wrote Il Convito (The Banquet or Meal) sometime after writing Vita Nuova. Il Convito is written mainly "in prose, four treatises; but it embodies three of Dante's canzoni, and the aim of the treatises is to explain the true meaning of the canzoni." Rossetti continues by explaining that this work is of particular interest, even if it is incomplete, because in it Dante "certifies us as to what he meant by certain poems which wear the external aspect of love-poems." This translation is a literal rendering for the sake of exactness. Rossetti notes that "a reasonably poetical version would necessarily be less exact, and therefore less serviceable for my present purpose." PRB-134

---. Dante Gabriel Rossetti as Designer and Writer. Notes by William Michael Rossetti, including a prose paraphrase of the House of Life. London: Cassell, 1889. A 12 line autograph inscription on recto of second prelim. leaf by W. M. Rossetti, signed and dated 22 August 1902 may be found in copy 1. In this work William Rossetti states that his "decided inclination therefore is not to put myself forward, now or hereafter, as the biographer of my grother; nor as the critic, still less as the direct panegyrist, of his works. I do not even attempt to describe them otherwise than in a very brief and restricted way." PRB-91

---. Fine Art, Chiefly Contemporary: Notices Re-Printed, with Revisions. London: Macmillan, 1867. Contents: Style, subject-matter, and successes in art (a propos of the Academy exhibitions of 1861-4); The externals of sacred art; The epochs of art as represented in the Crystal Palace; The international exhibitions of art; Preraphaelitism; Critiques on contemporary painters and designers; Turner's life and genius (in a review of Mr. Thornbury's book, 1861); Mr. Palgrave and unprofessional criticisms on art; British sculpture, its position and prospects, 1861; Japanese woodcuts. The articles contained within this work "have all previously appeared in some other form; and the table of contents will show" what publications have been drawn upon. These articles have been revised but Rossetti notes that he has "not changed anything essential, not substituted new lamps for old ones." PRB-50

---. Letters of William Michael Rossetti Concerning Whitman, Blake, and Shelley, to Anne Gilchrist and Her Son, Herbert Gilchrist. With appendices containing a letter to President Cleveland and an uncollected Whitman circular. Clarence Gohdes and Paull Franklin Baum, eds. Durham, NC: Duke UP, 1934. Half-title: Duke University Publications. PRB-334

---. Life of John Keats. London: Scott, 1887. Half-title: Great Writers. E. S. Robertson, ed. Bibliography by John P. Anderson. PRB-175

---. Lives of Famous Poets. A companion volume to the series Moxon's popular poets. 1st ed. London: Moxon, 1878. Signed on flyleaf: W. M. Rossetti, 1878. MS notations on several leaves by an unknown hand. PRB-156

---. A Memoir of Shelley. 2nd ed. London: Clay, 1886. The Shelley society's publications 4th ser. no. 2. Inscription on front flyleaf: From Papa to Helen Rossetti, 1891. PRB-344

---. Notes on the Royal Academy Exhibition, 1868. Part I by Wm. Michael Rossetti. Part II by Algernon C. Swinburne. London: Hotten, 1868. PRBP-20

---. Rossetti Papers, 1862 to 1870: A Compilation. London: Sands, 1903. "In 1899 I published. . .Ruskin, Rossetti, Praerahaelitism, and Praeraphaelite diaries and letters. They both consist of letters, journals and similar papers, of old date. The main. . . object of these books is to show forth the career of . . .Dante Gabriel Rossetti. They carried the record up to February 1862. . . in the present volume I prolong the record up to April 1870." PRB-322

---. Swinburne's Poems and Ballads. A criticism. London: Hotten, 1866. PRB-361

---, ed. American Poems. London: Moxon, 1872? Moxon's Library Poets. PRB-411

---, ed. Praeraphaelite Diaries and Letters. I. Some early correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1835-54. II. Madox Brown's diary etc. 1844-56. III. The P.R.B. journal kept by W. M. Rossetti 1849-53. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1900. Republished: Westmead, Farnborough: Gregg, 1971. This work consists of three parts, beginning with "an early correspondence of dante Gabriel Rossetti, beginning (for curiosity's sake) in April 1835, when he was not quite seven years of age, and going on to March or April 1854." The next section contains "some letters from Ford Madox Brown to his first Wife, Elizabeth (Bromley), December 1844 to May 1845, followed by a much longer item, extracts from his Diary from 4th September 1847 to 6th January 1856." The final section contains "extracts from the P.R.B. Journal, which I [William Rossetti], as a memeber of the Brotherhood actting as its Secretary, kept from 15th May 1849 to 29th January 1853." Rossetti's intention in this work is "not to give any continuous narrative or dissertation of my own, but to set forth original documents, with such introductory or annoatating amtter as may make them plain." PRB-69

---, ed. Præraphaelite Diaries and Letters. I. Some early correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1835-54. II. Madox Brown's diary etc. 1844-56. III. The P.R.B. journal kept by W. M. Rossetti 1849-53. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1900. PRB-948

---, ed. Ruskin, Rossetti, PreRaphaelitism: Papers 1854 to 1862. London: Allen, 1899. "Two hundred and fifty copies of this edition have been printed on hand-made paper." This is no. 66. PRB-780

---, ed. Ruskin: Rossetti: Preraphaelitism: Papers 1854 to 1862. New York: Dodd; London: George Allen, 1899. "Two hundred and fifty copies of this edition have been printed on hand-made paper." This is no. 66. According to the author's preface, this volume is "restricted to that part of my brother's life which began with his personal acquaintance with Mr. Ruskin, 1854, and ended with the death of his wife, 1862. Either Mr. Ruskin in relation to my brother, or my brother in relation to Mr. Ruskin, counts as the principal figure in this complilation. There is also a good deal of matter regarding other persons, especially Ford Madox Brown. Christina Rossetti appears to some small extent; but it happens that, within that range of dates, I possess few things concerning her." PRB-71

The Rossettis: Poems, Review, Etc. s.l.: s.n, 1910? Title from spine. Card laid in signed by May Morris and dated Christmas 1910. Summary: A collection of poems, articles and reviews dealing mostly with the Rossettis, which have been assembled and bound together in this volume. PRB-606

A Round of Days Described in Original Poems by Some of Our Most Celebrated Poets, and in Pictures by Eminent Artists Engraved by the Brothers Dalziel. London: Routledge, 1866. "Poems and pictures representing every day scenes." Dalziels' gift book, 1866. Contributions by: William Allingham, Christina G. Rossetti, George Dalziel, etc. Bound in green cloth; stamped in blue, gold and orange. PRB-559

Rowley, Charles. Fifty Years of Work without Wages (Laborare est Orare). 2nd ed. London: Hodder and Stoughton, 1911. Many of the ports. are mounted. Contents: The hungry forties; The fighting fifties; The maturing sixties; A municipal era; A municipal school of art; Fredric Shields; Ford Madox Brown; The Rossettis; William Morris; Holman Hunt; Prince Kropotkin and a group of refugees; Some friends at home; Friends abroad; Recreation in Ancoats; The Brotherhood proper; An education committee; The round table; An amateur lecturer. Port of auth by Ford Madox Brown--see list of ill.--others noteworthy. This work contains the "memories of over seventy years in a busy community." The author discusses life in and around Manchester and Lancashire from the 1840's onwards. In addition to the information and recollections found within the text, this work also contains a number of illustrations by prominent pre-Raphaelite painters, including Ford Madox Brown, Rossetti, Morris, Burne-Jones, and Holman Hunt. PRB-40

The Royal Academy from Reynolds to Millais. Charles Holme, ed. London: "The Studio," 1904. Special summer number of "The Studio" 1904. Special Collections copy: Original paper wrappers. Partial contents: The Royal Academy, its origin and history, by W. K. West; Painters of the Royal Academy, 1768-1868 by W. S. Sparrow; The sculptors of the Royal Academy, 1768-1868 by W. S. Sparrow; Engravers of the Royal Academy, 1768-1868, by W. S. Sparrow; The architects of the Royal Academy, 1768-1868 by W. S. Sparrow; Notes on portraits of some leading academicians, by T. Martin Wood. PRBF-63

Ruskin, John. The Art of England: Lectures Given in Oxford. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1884. Contents: Realistic schools of painting, D. G. Rossetti and W. Holman Hunt; Mythic schools of painting, E. Burne-Jones and G. F. Watts; Classic schools of painting, Sir F. Leighton and Alma Tadema; Fairy land, Mrs. Allingham and Kate Greenaway; The fireside, John Leech and John Tenniel; The hillside, George Robson and Copley Fielding. Ruskin notes in his Appendix that he has given this series of lectures in direct response to a general exhibition of Rossetti's works. Ruskin seeks to provide "some permanently rational balance between the rhapsodies of praise and blame which idly occupied the sheets of various magazines." In examining the art of England, Ruskin wishes to find a balance "chiefly in the form of qulified, though not faint, praise, which is the real function of just criticism" (245). Ruskin also seeks to discover "why British painters, great or small, are never right altogether? Why their work is always, somehow, flawed,--never in any case, or even in any sigle picture, thorough?" (246-7). PRB-41

---. The Contemptible Horse: The Text of John Ruskin's Letter to "My Dear Tinie" Written from the Bridge of Allan on 31 August 1857. With an introductory essay by Norman H. Strouse and 5 pen-and-ink illus. by Adele Bichan. Harper Woods, MI: Adagio, the private press of L. F. Bahr, 1962. One of approximately 360 copies. PRB-660

---. Catalogue of the Rudimentary Series: In the Arrangement of 1873 with Ruskin's Comments of 1878. Edited, with an introduction, notes and appendix by Robert Hewison. London: Lion and Unicorn: 1984. "The Ruskin Art Collection at Oxford." "Published in an edition of 275 copies." "Binding in quarter leather and cloth." "Endpapers: Ruskin's Deed of gift of the collection to the University of Oxford." In box as issued. PRBF-48

---. The Elements of Perspective. Arranged for the use of schools and intended to be read in connexion with the first three books of Euclid. London: Smith, Elder, 1859. Bookplate of Francis Frederick Fox. Ruskin's aim in this work is to provide what he feels is a much-needed "written code of Perspective Law." The laws he draws up are in mathematical form and are such that "any school-boy may read through [them] in a few days, after he has mastered the first three and the sixth books of Euclid." After a brief introductory chapter, Ruskin proceeds to provide the rules for the following topics: fixing the position of a given point, drawing a right line between two given points, finding the vanishing-point of a given horizontal line, finding the dividing-points of a given horizontal line, using sight-magnitude and dividing points to draw a horizontal line in a given position and magnitude, drawing any triangle, drawing any rectilinear quadrilateral figure, drawing a square, drawing a square pillar, drawing a pyramid, drawing any curve, dividing a circle into any number of equal parts, drawing a square within a larger square, drawing a truncated circular cone, drawing and inclined line, finding the vanishing point of a given inclined line, finding the dividing points of a given inclined line, finding the sight-line of an inclined plane, finding the vanishing-point of steepest lines in an inclined plane, and finding the vanishing-point of lines perpendicular to the surface of a given inclined plane. The work concludes with two appendices: one on the practice and observations on the preceding problems and the other containing demonstrations which could not be included in the text. Most of the pages in this work remain uncut. PRB-140

---. The Ethics of the Dust: Ten Lectures to Little Housewives on the Elements of Crystallisation. London: Smith, Elder, 1866. First edition, bound in tan calf with gold tooled compartments on spine. Contents: The Valley of the Diamonds, The Pyramid Builders, The Crystal Life, The Crystal Orders, Crystal Virtues, Crystal Quarrels, Home Virtues, Crystal Caprice, Crystal Sorrows, The Crystal Rest. Ruskin states in his "Preface" that the lectures in this volume "were really given, in substance, at a girls' school (far in the country); which, in the course of various experiments on the possibility of introducing some better practice of drawing into the modern scheme of female education, I visited frequently enough to enable the children to regard me as a friend." Ruskin does not intend that this volume should serve as an introduction to mineralogy, but merely "to awaken in the minds of young girls, who were ready to work earnestly and systematically, a vital interest in the subject of their study." These lectures are written in the format of dialogues between an "old lecturer" and a number of young girls. The work concludes with a section of notes. PRB-4

---. Fors Clavigera: Letters to the Workmen and Labourers of Great Britain: New Series, Letter the First - [Third]. London: Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1878. To be had of Mr. George Allen, Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent, 1878. Originally issued in parts, paged consecutively. Letters 2 and 3 lack original paper cover titles. Binder's title: Fors Etc. With: General statement explaining the nature and puposes of St. George's Guild by John Ruskin. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: George Allen, 1882. Instructions in the preliminary exercises arranged for the lower drawing-school, Oxford by John Ruskin. Oxford: s.n., 1873. Giotto and his works in Padua: Part III by John Ruskin. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1860. PRB-572

---. General Statement Explaining the Nature and Purposes of St. George's Guild. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1882. With: Fors Clavigera by John Ruskin. London: Printed for the author by Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1878. PRB-572

---. Giotto and His Works in Padua: Being an Explanatory Notice of the Series of Woodcuts Executed for the Arundel Society after the Frescoes in the Arena Chapel. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1854. Originally issued in 3 continuously-paged parts, 1853-1860. Remainder sheets collected and issued in a single volume in June 1877, with the uncancelled 1854 title page. PRB-827

---. Giotto and His Works in Padua: Part III. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1860. Pt. I published 1853; Part II published 1854; subsequently issued in 1 volume. With: Fors Clavigera by John Ruskin. London: Printed for the author by Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1878. PRB-572

---. Instructions in the Preliminary Exercises Arranged for the Lower Drawing-School, Oxford. Oxford: s.n., 1873. Earlier edition has title: Instructions in Practice of Elementary drawing. With: Fors Clavigera by John Ruskin. London: Printed for the author by Hazell, Watson & Viney, 1878. PRB-572

---. The King of the Golden River. Arthur Rackham, ill. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1932. Illustrated t.p. PRB-677

---. Lectures on Art Delivered Before the University of Oxford in Hilary Term, 1870. 1st ed. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1870. Contents: Inaugural; The relation of art to religion; The relation of art to morals; The relation of art to use; Line; Light; Colour. Bookplate of William E. Stuart. Bound in quarter sheep with mottled boards. Facing t.p.: London, Macmillan Publishers to the University of Oxford--check. These lectures are all interconnected, and the paragraphs are numbered consecutively through the work. PRB-51

---. Lectures on Art Delivered Before the University of Oxford in Hilary Term, 1870. 2nd ed. Oxford: Clarendon P, 1875. Contents: Inaugural; The relation of art to religion; The relation of art to morals; The relation of art to use; Line; Light; Colour. Bound by Bickers & son, London, in red polished calf with seal stamped on front cover "Cambridge local examination, London, 1880." PRB-336

---. Lectures on Landscape, Delivered at Oxford in Lent Term, 1871. Orpington, London: Georg Allen, 1897. PRBF-2

---. Letters to M. G. & H. G. With preface by the Right Hon. G. Wyndham. Edinburgh: Privately printed by Ballantyne, Hanson & Company, 1903. Contents: Preface; Ruskin at Hawarden in 1878 (extracts from an old journal); Ruskin's letters to M. G.; Ruskin's letters to H. G.; Ruskin and Gladston (paper by Canon Scott Holland); The dead Ruskin (paper by Canon Scott Holland). PRB-337

---. Letters Upon Subjects of General Interest from John Ruskin to Various Correspondents. London: Privately printed, 1892. "Limited to a few copies for private circulation only." According to W. G. Partington's "Forging Ahead" (p.294), this was printed by R. Clay & Sons for T. J. Wise, who stated that 40 copies were issued. PRB-198

---. Love's Meinie: Lectures on Greek and English Birds. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1881. Originally published in 3 parts, 1873-1881. A proposed 4th part on the chough was never issued separately, but is included in the complete works, edited by E. T. Cook and A. Wedderburn, v. 25. Bound by Zaehnsdorf in full brown morocco with gold lettering on spine; inner gold dentelles border; t.e.g. Contents: Preface; The robin; The swallow; The dabchicks; Appendix. PRB-294

---. Modern Painters. 5 vols. London: Smith, Elder, 1851-60. Contents: v. 1: Of general principles and Of truth. 5th ed.; v.2: Of the imaginative and theoretic faculties. 3rd ed.; v. 3: Of many things; v. 4: Of mountain beauty; v. 5: Of leaf beauty, Of cloud beauty, Of ideas of relation. Bound in navy blue calf; stamped in gold. PRB-639

---. The Nature of Gothic, A Chapter of the Stones of Venice. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1892. Colophon: Printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, Hammersmith, and published by George Allen. . .London, Sunnyside, Orpington, 1892. 500 copies printed in "golden" type, with border and initials; printer's device at end of preface and colophon. Preface by William Morris dated Feb. 15th, 1892. In stiff vellum. PRB-466

---. Notes by Mr. Ruskin on his Collection of Drawings by the Late J. M. W. Turner, RA. Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Galleries. Also a list of the engraved works of that master shown at the same time. Illustrated with thirty-five plates, and a map indicative of the places in the British Isles illustrated by him. London: Printed at the Chiswick P for the Fine Art Society, 1878. Illustrated in "the new process of photogravure" mounted. PRBF-25

---. Notes by Mr. Ruskin on Samel Prout and William Hunt, An Illustration of a Loan Collection of Drawings Exhibited at the Fine Art Society's Galleries in 1879-80. Illustrated with twenty autotypes. London: Fine Art Society, 1880. 2 copies. PRBF-61

---. Notes on Some of the Principal Pictures of Sir John Everett Millais, Exhibited at the Grosvenor Gallery, 1886. With a preface and original and selected criticisms by John Ruskin. A. Gordon Crawford, ed. London: Reeves, 1886. PRB-636

---. Of Queens' Gardens. London: Allen, 1902. Colophon reads: Here ends Of Queen's Gardens by John Ruskin, printed at Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh, and published by George Allen, London, in the year 1902. Each page of text within ornamental woodcut border. Bound in gilt-stamped vellum; brown silk ties. Includes index. PRB-619

---. Of Kings' Treasuries. London: Allen, 1902. Each page of text within ornamental woodcut border. Bound in gilt-stamped vellum; brown silk ties wanting. Publisher's device on colophon. PRB-575

---. "Our Fathers Have Told Us": Sketches of the History of Christendom for Boys and Girls Who Have Been Held at the Fonts. Part I. The Bible of Amiens. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1884. The Bible of Amiens was originally published in five separate parts. References: Wise 245. Bound in tree-calf; marbled endpapers. PRB-574

---. The Pleasures of England: Lectures Given in Oxford. 4 vols. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1884-1885. Contents: Vol. 1: The pleasures of learning; vol. 2: The pleasures of faith; vol. 3: The pleasures of deed; vol. 4: The pleasures of fancy. PRB-622

---. The Political Economy of Art: Being the Substance (with Additions) of Two Lectures Delivered at Manchester, July 10th and 13th, 1857. 1st ed. London: Smith, 1857. Published also under title: "A Joy Forever." (?Check) Ownership signature of Charles C. Pyne on title page. Original printed cloth boards. Contents: Discovery; Application; Accumulation; Distribution; Addenda. Ruskin tells his readers in his preface that "the greater part of the following treaits remains in the exact form in which it was read at Manchster; bu the more familiar passaged of it, which were trusted to extempore delivery, ahve been since written with greater explicitness and fullness than I could give them in speaking." PRB-52

---. Praeterita: Outlines of Scenes and Thoughts Perhaps Worthy of Memory in My Past Life. 3 v. Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1885-87. First edition; one of 600 large paper copies. Each part bound in original printed wrappers. Part 25 contains a steel engraving, "The Castle of Annecy, Sunset," drawn by Ruskin and engraved by George Allen. PRBF-19

---. The Queen of the Air: Being a Study of the Greek Myths of Cloud and Storm. London: Smith, Elder, 1869. Bound in half leather with marbled paper boards; t.e.g. PRB-273

---. Ruskin on Music. Ed. A. M. Wakefield. London: Allen, 1894. The frontispiece is illuminated. Contains extracts gathered together to put in collective form the thoughts of Ruskin on music. Wakefield has organized this work with passages from Ruskin in a larger font than his accompanying commentary. He has attempted to locate all references by Ruskin to music. PRB-39

---. Ruskin Today. Chosen and annotated by Kenneth Clark. Middlesex, England: Penguin, 1964. PRB-811

---. Sesame and Lilies. New York: Barse and Hopkins, 1914. Contents: Of kings' treasuries; Of queens' gardens; The mystery of life and its arts. Bound in limp suede with gold stamping; title within decorative border. PRB-696

---. Sesame and Lilies. London: Humphreys, 1910. Contents: Of kings' treasuries; of queens' gardens; the mystery of life and its arts. Bound in three-quarter maroon morocco with marbled paper boards; marbled endpapers; gold decorated compartments on spine. PRB-633

---. The Storm Cloud of the Nineteenth Century: Two Lectures Delivered at the London Institution February 4th and 11th, 1884. Sunnyside, Orpington, Kent: Allen, 1884. Bound in deep blue crushed morocco, gilt, by the Doves Bindery, dated 1909; concentric fillet rectangles around central rhomb enclosing curving leaf tools and fillets, panelled back similarly decorated; in solander case. PRB-624

---. Time and Tide. The Crown of Wild Olive. London: George Allen, Ruskin House, 1907. The World's Classics. At head of title: The Works of Ruskin. "Printed. . .at the Ballantyne Press". PRB-423

---. The Two Paths: Being Lectures on Art, and its Application to Decoration and Manufacture, Delivered in 1858-9. London: Smith, Elder, 1859. Presentation copy. Contents: The deteriorative power of conventional art over nations; The unity of art; Modern manufacture art and design; The influence of imagination in architecture; The work of iron, in nature, art, and policy; Appendices. PRB-295

---. Unto This Last. London: Allen, 1902. "Printed at the Ballantyne Press, Edinburgh." "Four hundred copies of this edition have been printed. . .[this is no.] 37." Contents: The roots of honour; The veins of wealth; Qui judicatis terram; Ad valorem. PRB-424

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