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---. Poems by the Way. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1891. Colophon: Here endeth Poems by the Way, written by William Morris, and printed by him at the Kelmscott Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, in the county of Middlesex; and finished on the 24th day of September of the year 1891. Sold by Reeves & Turner, 196, Strand, London. In black and red, with initials; first page of text within ornamental border. One of 300 copies printed on paper; 13 on vellum. Bound in stiff white vellum. PRB-464

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---. Signs of Change: Seven Lectures, Delivered on Various Occasions. New ed. London: Longmans, 1896. Contents: How we live and how we might live; Whigs, democrats, and socialists; Feudal England; The hopes of civilization; The aims of art; Useful work versus useless toil; Dawn of a new epoch. This work contains seven Socialist lectures which were given at various times. Two of these lectures were previously printed as pamphlets, three had previously appeared in the Socialist weekly The Commonweal, and two are printed here for the first time. Morris apologizes for any repetition among the lectures since the very nature of the audiences requires that "certain elementary propositions--such, e.g., as the encessity for the abolition of monompoly in the means of production" will be stated in each lecture. Morris feels that his lectures give a different perspective on Socialism since Morris himself is neither "a professional economist nor a professional politician." PRB-35

---. Sir Galahad: A Christmas Mystery. Chicago: Blue Sky P, 1904. Printed on one side of leaf only, the printed pages facing each other. Colophon: "Here endeth the poem, Sir Galahad. A Christmas mystery, by William Morris. This book was designed by Thomas Wood Stevens, and lettered under his direction. The frontispiece is from a painting by Walter H. Hinton. Of this edition there have been printed and published by the Blue sky press in Chicago, five hundred copies on paper and twenty-five copies on Japan vellum, this being number 62." PRB-426

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---. Some Thoughts on the Ornamented Mss. of the Middle Ages. New York: Privately Printed, Press of the Woolly Whale, 1934. Printed on his Albion hand press, with an account of its travels from the closing of the Kelmscott Press to the present day. Issued on the one-hundredth anniversary of William Morris's birth, March 24th, 1934. Head-pieces. "A modest number of copies (besides four on vellum) have been printed damp on Arnold unbleached." "A hitherto unpublished article by William Morris. . . . The manuscript. . .[is in] the Henry E. Huntington library of San Marino, CA." Acknowledgement, signed: M. B. C. [i.e. Melbert Brinkerhoff Cary]. "The first book to be printed on [Morris'] Kelmscott 'Chaucer' Press by the Press of the Woolly Whale." Bound in quarter-vellum with embossed paper boards. Morris opens his essay on medieval ornamented manuscripts by noting that the two most important productions of art are first the beautiful house and then the beautiful book. "To enjoy good houses and good books in self respect and decent comfort, seems to me to be the pleasurable end towards which all societies of human beings ought now to struggle." Morris then continues with his discussion of the production of medieval ornamented manuscripts. Following Morris's essay this work contains a history of the Morris press which was used to print the Kelmscott Chaucer as well as the present volume. PRB-105

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