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L'Empereur Constant. The Tale of the Emperor Coustans and of Over Sea. William Morris, tr. Hammersmith: Kelmscot P, 1894. Colophon: This book. . .was printed by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, in the county of Middlesex & finished on the 30th day of August 1894. Sold by William Morris at the Kelmscott Press. Each tale has ornamental title-page; first page of text within border; initials. "Chaucer" type with marginal notes and headings in red. Bound in half holland. 525 copies on paper, 20 on vellum. PRB-489

Land, Andrew, Mrs. Sir Frederick Leighton, President of the Royal Academy: His Life and Work. London: Art Journal Office, 1884. Caption title: Sir Frederick Leighton, P. R. A. First of 8 issues of Art annual, bound together; original cover removed before ginding. PRBF-69 no. 1

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Laudes Beatae Mariae Virginis. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1896. "These poems are taken from a Psalter written by an English scribe, most likely in one of the Midland counties, early in the 13th century." Attributed variously to Stephen Langton and to John Peckham. cf. J. P. Morgan. Catalogue of manuscripts and early printed books from the libraries of William Morris, Richard Bennett . . . now forming portion of the library of J. Pierpont Morgan. Original half linen binding. Printed in black, red, and blue. A note by Rev. E. S. Dewick regarding a previous printing of these poems, printed in Chaucer type Dec. 28, 1896, laid in. PRBF-38

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---. The Frescoes by Bern: Pinturicchio, in the Collegiate Church of S. Maria Maggiore, at Spello. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1858. With Ruskin, John. Giotto and His Works at Padua. PRB-827

---. Giovanni Sanzio and His Fresco at Cagli. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1859. With: Ruskin, John. Giotto and His Works in Padua. PRB-827

---. The Madonna and Saints Painted in Fresco by Ottaviano Nelli, in the Church of S. Maria Nuova at Gubbio. London: Printed for the Arundel Society, 1857. Signed: A. H. Layard. With Ruskin, John. Giotto and His works at Padua. PRB-827

---. The Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, Painted in Fresco by Pietro Perugino, in the Chapel of the Saint at Panicale. London: Arundel Society, 1856. With Ruskin, John. Giotto and His Works at Padua. PRB-827

Lefevre, Raoul. The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye. Hammersmith, Kelmscott P, 1892. 2 vol. Paged continuously. Colophon: Here ends this new edition of William's Caxton's Recuyell of the historyes of Troy, done after the first edition; corrected for the press by H. Halliday Sparling, and printed by me William Morris at the Kelmscott press, Upper Hall, Hammersmith, in the country of Middlesex and finished on the fourteenth day of October, 1892. Sold by Bernard Quaritch, 15, Piccadilly. Page iii: Here begynneth the volume intituled & named the Recuyell of the hystoryes of Troye, composed & drawen out of dyuerce bookes of Latyn in to Frensshe by . . . Raoul le Feure, preest & chapelayn vnto . . . Phelip, duc of Bourgoyne . . . in the yere . . . a thousand foure honderd sixty and four. And translated and drawen out of Frensshe in to Englisshe by Willyam Caxton, mercer of the cyte of London, at the commaundement of . . . Margarete . . . duchesse of Bourgoyne . . . whiche sayd tranlacioun and werke was begonne in Brugis . . the fyrst day of Marche, the yere . . . a thousand foure honderd sixty & eyghte, and . . . fynsshyd in . . . Colen . . . the XIX day of Septembre, the yeare . . .a thousand foure hondert sixty and enleuen. . . Half-title: "The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye" (p. [xvi]) on floreated background, within ornamental border. Gothic type; the body of the book in "Troy," designed by Morris in 1891; the table of chapters and glossary in the smaller "Chaucer" type cut in 1892. The first book printed in "Troy" and the first in which "Chaucer" type appears. Ornaments and initials. Captions in red. 300 copies printed on paper; 5 on vellum. cf. H. H. Sparling, The Kelmscott Press and William Morris. (London, 1924). Caxton's edition, printed in collaboration with Colard Mansion at Bruges, about 1474, was the first book printed in English. Original limp vellum binding. PRBF-30

Le Gallienne, Richard. The Loves of the Poets. New York: Baker & Taylor, 1911. Ornamental borders. This work contains chapters on Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett, Frederic Chopin and George Sand, Michael Angelo and Vittoria Colonna, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal, and others from a variety of eras. The work also includes eight illustrations, including one of Rossetti. PRB-117

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Lull, Ramon. The Order of Chivalry. William Caxton, tr. F. S. Ellis, ed. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1893. Sold by Reeves & Turner, London, 1893. In 2 pts., each with special t.p. and colophon: pt. 2 has title and colophon: L'Ordene de chevalerie, with translation by William Morris. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1893. L'Ordene de chevalerie and its translation are in verse. "Memorana concerning the two pieces here reprinted [by F. S. Ellis].] Original limp binding. PRB-475

Lutyens, Mary. Millais and the Ruskins. London: Murray, 1967. Consists largely of letters written by John Ruskin, Euphemia Millais and John Millais. PRB-816

Lyttelton, George Lyttelton. The Works of George Lord Lyttelton: Formerly Printed Separately, and Now First Collected Together with Some Other Pieces Never Before Printed. London: Printed for J. Dodsley, 1775. Contents: Observations on the life of Cicero; Observations on the Roman history; Observations on the present state of our affairs at home and abroad; Letters from a Persian in England to his friend at Ispahan; Observations on the conversion and apostleship of St. Paul; In a letter to Gilbert West, Esq.; Dialogues of the dead; Four speeches in Parliament; Poems; Letters to Sir Thomas Lyttelton; Account of a journey into Wales; In two letters to Mr. Bower; Two essays, first published in a periodical paper, called Common Sense, etc. PRB-883

Lytton, Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton. King Poppy, A Fantasia. London: Longmans, 1892. Added t.p. illustrated; frontispiece and title-page by Burne-Jones. ASU copy imperfect: t.p. and frontispiece wanting. Bound in paper boards with gold design. PRB-543