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Hafiz. The Poems of Shemseddin Mohammed Hafiz of Shiraz, Now First Completely Done into English Verse from the Persian, in Accordance with the Original Forms. Introduction by John Payne. 3 v. London: Villon society by private subscription and circulation only, 1901. Contents: v.1-2 Odes; v.3 Odes, quatrains, couplets, epodes, cinquains, notes. The Pre-Raphaelite poet, John Payne (1842-1916), dedicates this work to "the memory of my friend Edward Burne Jones" since the work "owed its completion to his urgent instance." In his introduction Payne states that he is translating the works of the greatest of Persian poets, Shemseddin Mohammed Hafiz, who lived in the fourteenth century. There are no official records for Hafiz life, so the "only trustworthy data at our disposal, respecting the life and career of Hafiz, are those to be gathered from the study of his poems and from such painstaking and authoritative commentaries upon the latter as that of the Turkish seventeenth century writer Soudi." Payne notes further that Hafiz became a very popular poet among Persian-speaking peoples, holding much the same esteem as Shakespeare does in Payne's own society. This three volume work was privately printed and each of the signatures is folded asymmetrically for a pleasing visual effect. PRB-116

Hake, Thomas Gordon. Maiden Ecstasy. London: Chatto & Windus, 1880. Inscribed on t.p.: "W. E. Hodgson, with the author's kindest regards." PRB-535

---. Memoirs of Eighty Years. New York: AMS P, 1970. Rpt. of 1892 ed. PRB-861

---. Memoirs of Eighty Years. London: Bentley, 1892. PRB-881

---. The New Day: Sonnets. W. Earl Hodgson, ed. London: Remington, 1890. With a portrait of the author by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Errata slip inserted. Bound in dark blue cloth boards. PRB-577

---. New Symbols. 1st ed. London: Chatto & Windus, 1876. Author's presentation copy to Hippolyte [?] Hibert. PRB-171

---. Parables and Tales. Arthur Hughes, il. London: Chapman and Hall, 1872. PRB-172

---. The Poems of Thomas Gordon Hake. Selected and Prefatory note by Alice Meynell. Portrait by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. London: Mathew and Lane; Chicago: Stone and Kimball, 1894. "Of this edition 500 copies have been printed for England." c.1: Tan buck with gold deco; 15 p. cat--Elkin Mathews and J Lane. c.2: green cloth, light green deco, no cat. According to the Prefatory these poems were originally published over a period of fifty years in varous journals and were frequently review by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. The poems have "a solemn and distinct note, little confusible with the other notes of the concerted song of poets." Hake "writes movingly of dreams and sleep; and his study of these has added to all or almost all his verse something of the ecstasy of dreams." PRB-64

---. The Serpent Play: A Divine Pastoral. London: Chatto & Windus, 1883. Bound in navy blue cloth boards, stamped in gold. This is a play in five acts, using six human characters, 2 divine, and 2 other persons, as well as actors and spectators, which takes place in the Ophidian Hills. This book also has a catalog of other Chatto & Windus publications at the end. PRB-20

Hake, Thomas and Arthur Compton-Rickett. The Life and Letters of Theodore Watts-Dunton. Includes some personal reminiscences by Clara Watts-Dunton. With sixteen illustrations. 2 vols. London: Jack; New York: Putnam, 1916. "Notable essays and reviews by Theodore Watts-Dunton." PRB-612

Halliwell-Phillipps, James Orchard. The Nursery Rhymes of England. W. B. Scott, ill. 5th ed. London: Warne, 1886. Added t.p. engr. PRB-571

Hamilton, Walter. The Aestetic Movement in England. London: Reeves & Turner, 1882. PRB-578

Harding, James. The Pre-Raphaelites. New York: Rizzoli, 1977. James Harding begins his work with an introduction to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, from its beginnings to its eventual downfall. Harding continues with twenty illustrated biographies of members and associates of the PRB. This work contains over 100 illustrations, many in color, which give an excellent view of the medieval world as seen through Victorian eyes. PRB-139

Hare, William Loftus. Watts. London: Jack; New York, Stokes, 1910. Eight reproductions in colour. Color illustrations on cover. Bookplate of Nicholas A. Salerno on front free endpaper. PRB-680

Harrison, Martin, comp. Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and Graphics. London: Academy Editions, 1971. This work traces the development of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood in their painting and decorative works. It also covers the area of book illustrations. There is an introduction detailing the origins and history of the Brotherhood, followed by illustrations of the works, some of which are in color. Each illustration has a physical description and annotation accompanying it. PRB-43

Hartmann, Von Aue. Henry the Leper (Der Arme Heinrich). Dante Gabriel Rossetti, paraphraser. Introduction by William P. Trent. 2 vols. Boston: Printed for members only, the Bibliophile society, 1905. Title within ornamental border; head-pieces; initials. On cover: A Suabian miracle-rhyme. Each volume contains society's book-plate on vellum. "The council certifies that only four hundred and forty-seven copies of this work on white Italian handmade paper, and ten copies on Japanese vellum, have been issued for members. Ten extra complimentary copies have been printed for Mr. W. K. Bixby, the owner of the original ms." This copy white Italian paper. Vol. 1: facsimile of the original manuscript. Printed by the De Vinne Press. PRB-440

Harvey, David Dow. Ford Madox Ford, 1873-1939: A Bibliography of Works and Criticism. Princeton, NJ: Princeton UP, 1962. Incorporates excerpts from Ford's contributions to periodicals and from writings about Ford in books and periodicals. PRB-613

Hearn, Lafcadio. Appreciations of Poetry. John Erskine, ed. Intro by John Erskine. London: Heinemann, 1916. Selected from lectures delivered at the University of Tokyo between 1896-1902. PRB-940

---. Pre-Raphaelite and Other Poets: Lectures. Selected and edited with introduction by John Erskine. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1922. Contents: Studies in Rossetti; Note upon Rossetti's prose; Studies in Swinburne; Studies in Browning; William Morris; The poetry of George Meredith; "The shaving of Shagpat;" A note on Robert Buchanan; Robert Bridges. PRB-157

Heine, Heinrich. The Poetical Works of Heinrich Heine: Now First Completely Rendered into English Verse: In Accordance with the Original Forms. John Payne, tr. 3 vols. London: Printed for the Villon Society, 1911. "No. 8" of 50 copies of the Large paper edition. PRB-415

Hemans, Felicia Dorothea Browne. The Poetical Works of Felicia Dorothea Hemans. With a critical preface and a biographical memoir. Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, 183? Added t.p. engraved: The poetical works of Mrs. Felicia Hemans. Bound in green cloth boards; stamped in red, gold, and black. PRB-600

Henderson, Philip. William Morris: His Life, Work and Friends. London: Thames & Hudson, 1967. PRB-818

Henley, William Ernest. A London Garland, Selected from Five Centuries of English Verse. London: Macmillan, 1895. With pictures by members of the Society of Illustrators. Bound in gilt pictorial cloth boards. PRB-578

Herrick, Robert. Poems Chosen Out of the Works of Robert Herrick. F. S. Ellis, ed. Hammersmith: Kelmscott P, 1896. Edited from the text of the ed. put forth by the author in 1648. Original limp vellum binding. PRB-500

Herrmann, Luke. Ruskin and Turner: A Study of Ruskin as a Collector of Turner, Based on His Gifts to the University of Oxford. Incorporating a Catalogue raisonne of the Turner drawings in the Ashmolean Museum. London: Faber, 1968. PRB-815

Hilton, Timothy. The Pre-Raphaelites. London: Thames and Hudson, 1970. PRB-862

Holden, Donald. Whistler Landscapes and Seascapes. New York: Watson-Guptill, 1969. PRB-951

Homerus. The Odyssey of Homer. William Morris, tr. London: Reeves, 1887.The table of contents includes the arguments for each of the books. These arguments are then repeated at the beginning of each chapter. Morris has done a verse translation of Homer. Line numbers are included. According to Aymer Vallance in his biography entitled William Morris: His Art His Writings and His Public Life, "Morris gave us a translation of the entire Odyssey, which, though it missed the Homeric dignity, secured the eagerness as completely as Chapman's free-and-easy paraphrase, and in a rendering as literal as Buckley's prose crib, which lay frankly by Morris's side as he wrote" (211). PRB-115

Hood, Thomas. Odes and Addresses to Great People. London: Baldwin, Craddock, & Joy, 1825. Note on 1st prelim. leaf: "first editions. Annotated throughout by G. Rossetti." Note on 4th prelim. leaf: "The name & table of contents are written by D. G. R.--also a few pencil notes here & there. [signed] W. M. R., 1905." Bound in red morocco with gilt-raised bands on spine by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, London; a.e.g. Has bound in Hood, Thomas. The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies. 1827. In case with Bannerman, Anne. Tales of Superstition and Chivalry. 1802; Rossetti, Christina G. Verses. 1847; Tommaseo, Niccolo. Confessioni. 1840? PRB-173

---. The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero and Leander, Lycus the Centaur, and other Poems. London: Longman, 1827. Bound with Hood, Thomas. Odes and Addresses to Great People. 1825. Bound in red morocco with gilt-raised bands on spine by Sangorski & Sutcliffe, London; a.e.g. PRB-173

---. Poetical Works. William Michael Rossetti, ed. Gustave Dore, ill. London: Moxon, 1871? With a critical memoir by William Michael Rossetti. PRB-581

Horner, Frances. Time Remembered. Includes material on the Pre-Raphaelites, especially Burne-Jones. London: Heinemann, 1933. Frances Horner has written about her life, especially as it relates to famous figures of her day. Of special interest is the information "about that remarkable company of artists and men of letters whome we call the Pre-Raphaelites. The fame of these men, like all fame, has passed through an eclipse. They were esteemed highly by their contemporaries. They were depreciated by the immediate successors of those who knew them. Now that reaction has spent its force and there are signs that we are near the time when a just estimate can be made of the worth of their work, Lady Horner, in this book, helps us to reach the final judgement" (Preface xiv). PRB-19

Howard, Ronnalie Roper. The Dark Glass: Vision and Technique in the Poetry of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Athens: Ohio UP, 1972. PRB-774

Hubbard, Elbert. Little Journeys to the Homes of Famous Women. New York and London: 1902, c1897. Title within ornamental border. Issued also in monthly numbers with paper covers. Contents: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Madame Guyon, Harriet Martineau, Charlotte Bronte, Christina Rossetti, Rosa Bonheur, Madam de Stael, Elizabeth Fry, Mary Lamb, Jane Austen, Empress Josephine, Mary W. Shelley. There is also a portrait of each of these women included. According to her forward, Hubbard endeavors to discuss a "few persons and a few events that stand out like fixed stars" in her life. She has also tried "to give a glimpse (that was mine) of the environment that played its part in the Evolution of a Soul." PRB-16

---. These Pages Recount Little Journeys Made to the Homes of Ruskin and Turner. East Aurora, NY: Roycroft Print, 1896. Four hundred and seventy-three copies. Each copy is signed and numbered and this book is number 171. PRB-912

---. This Then is a William Morris Book: Being a Little Journey by Elbert Hubbard and Some Letters, Heretofore Unpublished, Written to His Friend and Fellow Worker, Robert Thomson, All Throwing a Side-Light, More or Less, on the Man and His Times. East Aurora, New York: Roycrofters, 1907. The Morris letters relate to his rupture with Hyndman and the Social Democratic Federation. PRB-208

Hughes, Arthur, 1832-1915. Arthur Hughes, 1832-1915, Pre-Raphaelite Painter: National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, 5-24 October: Leighton House, London, 3-23 December, 1971. Cardiff, Wales: National Museum of Wales, 1971. "The text, design, and all photography in this catalogue by Leslie Cowan." PRBP-45

Huish, Marcus Bourne. Birket Foster: His Life and Work. London: Art Journal Office, 1890. Seventh of 8 issues of Art annual, bound together; original cover removed before binding. PRBF-69

Hunt, John Dixon. The Pre-Raphaelite Imagination, 1848-1900. London: Routledge, 1968. PRB-823

Hunt, Violet. The Desirable Alien at Home in Germany. With a preface and two additional chapters by Ford Madox Hueffer. London: Chatto & Windus, 1913. Bound in purple cloth over boards; stamped in gold on cover and spine; top edge gilt and trimmed. Publisher's advertisements included in pagination. PRB-550

---. The Wife of Rossetti: Her Life and Death. New York: Dutton, 1932. PRB-275

---. Zeppelin Nights, A London Entertainment. 1st ed. London: Land, 1916. Reference: Harvey, D. Ford Madox Ford, A49. Green cloth wrappers with yellow lettering; t.p. enclosed by a double-line border. PRB-526

Hunt, William Holman. Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. With 40 photogravure plates and other illustrations. London: Macmillan, 1905-06. This is a first hand account of the author's life and his involvement with the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. The author claims that are is vitally important since "it shouldstamp a nation's individuality; it should be the witness of its life to all eternity." Volume I covers the period 1827-1854 and volume II covers the period from 1855 - 1897. PRB-67

---. The Story of the Painting of the Pictures on the Walls and the Decorations on the Ceiling of the Old Debating Hall (Now the Library) in the Years 1857-8-9. Oxford: University P, 1906. At head of title: Oxford Union Society. "Of this edition, three hundred and twenty-five copies have been printed. This copy is number 181. PRBF-11

Hutchings, W. W. London Town Past and Present. With a chapter on the future in London by Ford Madox Hueffer. Profusely illustrated from old prints and from photographs and drawings. 2 vols. New York: Cassell, 1909. PRB-789