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Dante Alighieri. The Comedy of Dante Alighieri, Part I: The Hell. William Michael Rossetti, tr. London: Macmillan, 1865. Copy 1 has loose backing on spine; Inscribed "The Right Honorable Lord Vernon with the translator's respects." Copy 2 has been rebound; Inscribed "Thomas Dixon with the friendly regard of W. M. Rossetti 1866" and pencil note "Thos. Dixon of Sunderland, the correspondent of Ruskin in ‘Time and Tide by neare [?] and Tyme." Rossetti states that it is his intention to "follow Dante sentence for sentence, line for line, word for word–neither more nor less–has been my strenuous endeavour; various shortcomings in form, from a literary point of view, are the result." He includes a biographical sketch of Dante as well as a "General Exposition: Analogy of the Punishments to the Sins." PRB-137

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---. La Vita Nuova (The New Life). Dante Gabriel Rossetti, tr. and illustrated by photogravures after paintings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. With the fifth canto of Dante's Inferno [trans. by H. W. Longfellow] and Rossetti's two illustrations thereto. London: Routledge, 1901? Inscription on flyleaf signed 'Beatrice.' Title in red and black. Original cloth binding with gold stamping and lettering on cover. PRB-707

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Dibdin, Edward Rimbault. George Frederick Watts, 1817-1904. London: Cassell, 1923. One colored plate mounted on cover. Photograph of the author and letter by the author to Spielman, dated 1923 tipped in. The author describes Watts one of the greatest Victorian artists. Watts produced at least 800 paintings, as well as countless drawings, large frescos and a number of sculptures. He was a man who according to the author, "lived for art alone." "The career of Watts is an outstanding illustration of the truth of the axiom that the secret of success is to know exactly what you want to do, and then to do it with all your powers addressed to the task" (xiii-xiv). The work also contains six colour plates of Watts' paintings. PRB-99

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--. Recollections of Dante Gabriel Rossetti and His Circle (Cheyne Walk Life). Gale Pedrick, ed. Prefatory note by William Michael Rossetti. London: Mathews, 1904; New York: AMS P, 1971. Henry Treffry Dunn abandoned his position as a bank clerk when he was 24 years old and became a painter. He then took up residency with Rossetti and was fortunate to have a close association with both Rossetti and those around him, including participation in "those frequent and prolonged meetings in the dimly-lit studio at Cheyne Walk, which were famous for their intellectual charm and brilliancy." William Michael Rossetti states in his prefatory note that Dunn's recollections are "perfectly genuine, and give, from the writer's point of view, a very fair notion of what Dante Rossetti did in those years, and what he was like." PRB-84

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