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The first aerial view shows the original 20 acres (lower half of photograph) with lush landscape, bordered by what is now known as Palm Walk (note the palms planted by President Matthews in 1916) and College Avenue. The buildings include East Hall, 1903;
Aerial view, 1919
Aerial view of the campus toward the west
UP UPC ASUB A355 1910s #2
Krause Dining Hall, 1919; Alpha Hall (lower), 1902; Blome Training School (upper), 1906; Old Main (upper), 1898; President's Cottage (lower), 1907; Auditorium, (upper) 1909; Science Building (middle) 1908; and the Infirmary (lower) 1916.

An additional 45 acres in the upper half of the photograph includes South Hall, 1913; North Hall, 1914; Matthews Hall, 1918; Second Heating Plant (upper), 1917; and the Industrial Arts Building (now Anthropology), 1914.

Architects created a home-like atmosphere for younger women with the construction of South Hall (1913-1972) that accommodated 34 freshmen and sophomores. The architects for this project were Royal W. Lescher and John Rinder Kibbey.

North Hall (1914-1972) was the last of the dormitories of the period built for female students. After West Hall was built in 1936, these four buildings became known as the Quad. The architect for this building was L.G. Knipe.

East Hall, Alpha Hall, Blome Training School, Krause Hall, South and North Hall, the Infirmary and the Auditorium have been razed.

For more information about ASU campus buildings and facilities, please visit: http://www.fm.asu.edu/planning.htm.

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