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Frederick M. Irish was placed in charge of the male students when military drill was introduced to the Normal School in 1896. The 30 week session was mandatory. Promoters felt that outdoor drills would be a good balance for studies and also enhance mental and personal habits. The course included: the school of soldier; the school of the company; bayonet exercises; battle formation; ceremonies of parade; and duties of sentinels. The cadets also

Military Cadets, 1898

Military Cadets
Cadet Company under direction of Captain Fredrick M. Irish, near the fishpond in front of Old Main.
UP UPC ASUD M54.C3 1890s #16

performed military exercises during a two-day encampment. They became an official part of the National Guard during this time, and were called the Normal School Cadet Company.

General interest in military training diminished after World War I and military training in Tempe was discontinued. It was reinstated in 1943 when the Army Air Force College Training Detachment came to campus. In 1948, both Army and Air Force ROTC was established.

For more information about the AFROTC, please visit http://www.asu.edu/clas/afrotc/.

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