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In December 2002, JLIE was recognized by the Council of Editors of Learned Journals of the Modern Language Association as the Runner-up in the category, Best New Journal.


     Thomas Ricento
     University of Calgary, Canada

     Terrence G. Wiley
     Arizona State University, USA  


Book Review Editor
     Vaidehi Ramanathan
      University of California, Davis

Editorial Assistants
      Kara McAlister
      Arizona State University, USA

      Jacqui Clydesdale
      University of Calgary, Canada

The Journal of Language, Identity, and Education is a quarterly journal devoted to innovative and rigorous research and critical scholarship that helps define and advance inquiry concerned with intersecting issues related to language, identity, and education. We are very excited about the potential of this journal to shape an interdisciplinary field of inquiry which heretofore has not had its own publication but has only been reflected in multiple journals. The Journal of Language, Identity, and Education will include articles and book reviews. All articles will be peer reviewed by members of the Editorial Advisory Board and external reviewers, and will reflect the highest standards of scholarship. One issue each year will be on a special topic with an invited guest editor.

Editorial Scope

Education plays a central role in promoting social development, stability, integration, and equity in a linguistically and culturally diverse world. Policy decisions in educational settings today often require an understanding of the relationships between home language/variety and school language/variety, ethnic and gender identity, societal attitudes toward languages/varieties, and differential performance across groups. This journal will seek out cutting edge interdisciplinary research from around the world, reflecting diverse theoretical and methodological frameworks and topical areas. The journal will solicit articles that deal with the following issues:

  • Educational policies and approaches that explicitly address various dimensions of diversity;
  • The formation and consequences of identities in educational and other social contexts;
  • Language policies and linguistic rights in educational contexts;
  • The role of indigenous languages/varieties in education;
  • Critical studies of literacy policies, including national literacy and biliteracy, demographics, the socio-economic and political significance of literacy, and societal expectations regarding literacy;
  • Research on the relationship between home/local linguistic and cultural socialization and schooling;
  • Critical and comparative analyses of official and legal frameworks for educational policies and practices in diverse settings;
  • Critical studies of school and community attitudes and expectations about schooling;
  • Critical studies about bias in schooling practices;
  • Research on educational practices that promote educational equity for diverse student populations;
  • The role of ideologies in educational language and cultural policies;
  • Group-specific studies on special needs/issues and on effective policies and practices.

Contents of Published Issues of JLIE

Editorial Advisory Board

  • Dwight Atkinson, Purdue University
  • Theresa Austin, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
  • Colin Baker, University of Wales, Bangor
  • Robert Bayley, University of California, Davis
  • Sarah Benesch, College of Staten Island/City University of New York
  • David Block, University of London
  • Felecia Briscoe, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Janina Brutt-Griffler, State University of New York, Buffalo
  • Suresh Canagarajah, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ursula Casanova, Arizona State University
  • JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • Kathryn Davis, University of Hawai'i, Manoa
  • James Paul Gee, Arizona State University
  • Nancy H. Hornberger, University of Pennsylvania
  • Yasuko Kanno, University of Washington
  • Kimi Kondo-Brown, University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • Juliet Langman, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Jeff MacSwan, Arizona State University
  • Sinfree Makoni, Pennsylvania State University
  • Stephen May, University of Waikato, New Zealand
  • Teresa L. McCarty, Arizona State University
  • Mary McGroarty, Northern Arizona University
  • Brian Morgan, York University, Canada
  • Bonny Norton, University of British Columbia
  • Tope Omoniyi, Roehampton University, England
  • Aneta Pavlenko, Temple University
  • Alastair Pennycook, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
  • Robert Phillipson, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
  • John Rickford, Stanford University
  • Keiko Samimy, Ohio State University
  • Otto Santa Ana, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Elana Shohamy, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, University of Roskilde, Denmark
  • Kamal F. Sridhar, State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • James Tollefson, International Christian University, Japan
  • Guadalupe Valdés, Stanford University
  • Wayne E. Wright, University of Texas, San Antonio
  • Ruth Wodak, Lancaster University, England


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