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ECURE 2005 February 28 - March 2 Speakers

[photo of Katie Ranes]

Katherine Ranes
Applications System Analyst Principal
Arizona State Univeristy
Research Administration Records Management - Case Studies and Issues at Arizona State University


Katherine Ranes is a Principal Analyst within the central information technology unit at Arizona State University. For the last four years she has led the implementation of the Research Information System. Katie is a regular speaker at national conferences and is a member of NCURA, National Council of University Research Administrators.

Presentation Abstract

Electronic records are playing an increasing role in research administration. Many institutions are developing electronic business processes to leverage the capabilities of electronic media and computer networks. These efforts are generally categorized as electronic research administration and the presentation will highlight some national trends.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration at Arizona State University has been implementing a Research Information System over the last several years. The implementation has triggered evolution of business processes and raised issues surrounding records management. The presentation will discuss the choices ASU has made in the context of the national scene and institutional profile.