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Dashboard Description Destination URL Contact
Admission Services Provides an overview of all Admissions related dashboards and reports.
Administrative System Access Provides an overview of your access in regards to PeoplSoft roles, Workday roles, and EDNA services.
ASU Staff Training Provides an overview of various staff related trainings' completion status in Career EDGE
Benefit Reporting Provides an overview of various aspects of employee benefits such as retirement plans and leaves. They are primarily for use by ASU staff involved in overseeing and monitoring those transactions. HR report request ticket
Budget Position Control Provides information regarding the budget position control by Campus, College, Department, and Employee.
Course Enrollment Management Contains information regarding course capacity and online course capacity and critical courses for advisors and administrators to help manage course enrollment for individual as well as online courses. Decommissioned. Please reach out to Jennifer Wilken for the latest information.
Enrollment Tracking Provides information about Enrollment numbers and offers several different views to track student enrollment.
Faculty One-in-all dashboard for the Provost Office and Deans of Colleges to get profile information of sorts on Faculty members such as Research activity, Instruction Load and Reporting, Salary History, and Sabbatical Information.
Financial (Super Report) The SuperReport dashboard provides access to financial information at the account level including budget, expense, and encumbrances.
Human Resources Provides an overview on many aspects of ASU human resources such as compensation, recruitment, and benefits, and are targeted to the needs of HR personnel throughout the university. HR report request ticket
Payroll Provides several reports to assist departments with reconcilliations
Personnel Transaction Requests Provides Personnel Transaction Requests made by a department including comments and approval history, employee and proposed position information. HR report request ticket
Research Provides in depth details on research grants and expenditures.
Retention Provides lists of students who meet one or more retention indicators. Replicates the functionality of the Corda retention dashboard that was retired on June 30th, 2021 while the Actionable Analytics Campaign Builder application is under development.

For student profile data (for individual students) please use Salesforce.

For research on a single student, try View As in My ASU or Student Profile in Salesforce.
For questions regarding the new dashboard for generating lists of students, contact:

For questions about accessing the Student Profile in Salesforce to support individual students, contact:
Sponsored Effort Reporting Provides information on DEAs, Cost Share Summary, and listing of Earning Codes - indicating whether the earnings code is included within effort reporting or not. Please reach out to Shirley Bowles for the latest information. Shirley Bowles (
Transfer Pathways Provides overview on Transfer students who sign-up for pathway programs.ASU Pathway programs ensure a smooth transition to the University, reduce time to degree and credit loss, and connect students to valuable resources and tools during their transition. Maria Willis (