VoiceThread Instructions

Version 1.1

VoiceThread is an online presentation tool that allows you to use multiple types of files (jpg, doc, ppt, pdt) and permits oral or written feedback from faculty and students. VoiceThread is a free account for ASU students. The first step in learning to use the technology is to create your account.

It is important that you closely follow the instructions provided below.

To create and share a VoiceThread you will complete these main tasks:

A.    Access VoiceThread and Create an Account.

B.     Create a “Test” Slide.

C.    Share your slide.

D.    Post your VoiceThread in your Discussion Forum and make the link active.

E.     Update Other Settings.


A. Access VoiceThread and Create an Account.

  1. Click on the "VoiceThread Access" link in the Lesson 1 (Module 1) menu to the left.
    Note: It is normal for it to take a full minute or two to connect to VoiceThread.
  2. If you have not used VoiceThread previously, your account is now created.

    If you already have a VoiceThread account using your ASU email address (from a previous course), please follow the instructions in VoiceThread to merge that account into this upgraded account.

B. Create a "Test" Slide.

  1. Click on the Create tab.
    Description: reate Tab
  2. Click on Upload button.
    Description: pload Button
  3. For this "test" it will be easier for you to upload an existing file from your computer (PowerPoint, Word Document, PDF, JPEG graphic). Follow the directions to locate and upload your file from your computer.
    NOTE: When you create a presentation that consists of more than one file or slide, you will see thumbnails of the slides in the main area of the window and be able to reorder and organize them.
    Description: pload Filex
  4. To add comments to a single file/slide or a series of files/slides, click on the Comment button. This will load the presentation in the main area of the window so you can see a larger view of each slide
    Description: dd audio
  5. Click on the Comment button at the bottom of the slide.
    Description: eave a comment
  6. Select your commenting method and leave a comment.

    NOTE: When you create a presentation that consists of more than one file or slide, you will be able to advance through the presentation and narrate each slide.
    Description: omment Types
  7. Follow the directions to record audio. Click stop recording when done, and then save.
  8. To add a title and description, click on (add a title and description).

C. Share Your Slide

To share your slide with the group or class:

  1. Click on Share.
    Description: hare
  2. Click on Get a Link.
  3. Click on Copy the Link.
    Description: opy Link
  4. Now go to your group discussion area, class discussion area, or email and paste the link into the message.


D. Post your VoiceThread in your Discussion Forum and make the link active.

Navigate to your team’s discussion forum and click on +Respond to prepare your post.

  1. Complete the “Subject” line and add the text into the message box as shown below.

  1. Paste the VoiceThread link that you have copied in Step C above at the desired location in message box.



  1. Highlight the URL for the VoiceThread. Click on “Add a Link” icon in the message box menu.

  1. A new pop-up window opens up. Paste your VoiceThread URL into BOTH the text Boxes titled “Text to display” and “Website address”.
  2. Click on “Add Link”.

7.     Your link turns “Blue” indicating a live link.

8.     Click on Post Response to complete your task.

E. Update Other Settings

You will want to click on the little triangle next to your email address in the upper right of the screen and select My Identities. From here you can add a photo/icon of yourself so your classmates and faculty can quickly identify you.

If you have any problems, check the Support page or you can ask for help from your fellow class members.