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Domestic Violence can be caused by a variety of things

family stress

work stress

financial stress

inadequate feelings

Such as...

anxiety depression alcohol and drugs
Anxiety Depression Alcohol and Drugs

How about the historical causes of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?

A little EXCERPT from the author

Since the dawn of time husband and wife have been viewed as one. During the majority of history husbands had the authority in the household, including the right to: Chastise (beat) their wives and children and maintain control of all of the property. Not much has changed since this. From what I already know, institutions most often allow domestic violence to continue and reinforce the sense that the woman 'belongs' to her husband. This is often reflected by the fact that police DON'T often arrest perpetrators, judges don't often impose consequences for battering, doctors don't talk about abuse, clergy tell women to go home and TRY harder and employers STILL pay lower wages to women.

The cause of domestic violence not only comes from alcohol abuse or stress, etc - but a deeper strain of embedded beliefs instilled in us as children. These beliefs are that women are lesser than men, that men are the bread winners and women are to submit to their husbands and stay home with the children. Many people ignore this topic feeling the women's rights movement has done enough in establishing equal rights. However, these people are wrong. The fight continues today for both men and women who seek an equilibrium in a world filled with contradictions and false hope. Such as the media, who incorrectly portray women as finally establishing themselves in the corporate world of America, but all the while still focusing cleaning commercials, diaper commercials and cooking commercials on women. What about the pressure men feel? Men often feel inferior if they are not successful, dependable and/or physically strong. I firmly believe if we, as a society, let go of the stigma of 'gender' and focus more on being human and 'humane' domestic violence, along with many other issues faced with men and women today, would greatly decrease if not cease completely.

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