Intimate Partner Violence
"Nearly 2 in 3 female victims of violence are related to or know their attacker."
What is Intimate Partner Violence? (Courtesy of:
  • Intimate Partner Violence involves spouses, ex-spouses, boyfriends or girlfriends.

  • This term is distinguished from relatives such as parents, children, siblings, grandparents, in-laws, cousins, etc. As well as acquaintances (friend, someone known) and strangers.

  • The type of violence committed by intimates often includes murders, rapes, robberies, or assaults.

  • Violence between intimates often occurs in private, and because of the shame and fear of reprisal involved victims are often reluctant to report incidents to anyone.

  • The most common form of intimate violence is assault: the intentional inflicting of injury on another person.

  • This type of domestic violence is most often against women and in most cases, the violent person is a husband, former husband, boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend

And where's the proof? (Statistics courtesy of:
  • On average at least 3 women are murdered by their husbands or boyfriends every day in America.

  • In 1992, 51% of the victims of intimate violence were attacked by boyfriends or girlfriends, 34% were attacked by spouses, and 15% were attacked by ex-spouses.

  • In 1992, 81% of the violent victimizations committed by spouses and ex-spouses were assaults. The remainder were rapes and robberies, which also may have involved assault.

  • Intimates commit an annual average of 621,015 rapes, robberies or assaults representing over 13% of all of these violent victimizations (According to an analysis of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) from 1987-91)

  • According to the FBI's Crime in the U.S, 22,540 murders were committed nationwide in 1992; the relationship between the victims and the offender was known in 61% of these murders!

  • Of those murders where the relationship between the victim and the killer was known, about 10% involved the killing of a spouse or ex-spouse and nearly 6% involved the killing of a boyfriend or girlfriend.

  • Females are more likely than males to be victims of violence by intimates. Annually, compared to males, females experienced over 10 times as many incidents of violence by an intimate.

  • On average each year, women experienced over 572,000 violent victimizations committed by an intimate, compared to approximately 49,000 incidents committed against men.