Beautification Programs


Beautification programs are designed to beautify residential areas, streets and highways and promote community pride. Environmental beautification involves planting flowers, trees and other decorative flora.

Studies have shown that plants have beneficial (psychological and sociological) effects on people. Plants play a role in reducing stress. One research study proved that "looking at trees has a positive effect on people." Research woods participants in the study showed more positive emotions and that trees "act as a calming catalyst and contribute to their well-being and health." (read more on this study-- click on "Trees Increase the Feeling of Well-being")

The environmental benefits of plants are evident. For example, plants consume carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) and release oxygen -- which we need for fresh air.

'Keep America Beautiful', which began in 1953, is well-known (and probably the oldest) organization to nationally promote environmental awareness and appreciation. Today, 'Keep America Beautiful' has affiliate associations in cities and states across the country (such as 'Arizona Clean and Beautiful,' 'Phoenix Clean and Beautiful', 'Denver Clean and Beautiful', etc.). (Read more about 'Keep America Beautiful')

bluebell Texas and California promote beautification by planting native wildflowers (i.e. bluebells and poppies) along the states' highways and other public roadways. The Texas Department of Transportation has published a "Wildflower Manual" to aid in protecting and distributing the state's native wildflowers and establishing wildflowers in "locations where they are lacking".

'Operation Brightside' sponsored by the City of St. Louis provide city residents with plants, flowers, and flowerseeds for planting along residential streets or highways. Volunteers from the residential area work together in maintaining the plants and flowers. (Read Operation Brightside's success story of spring daffodils)

Beautification programs may also involve city parks, garden projects, and green (living) sculptures.

(Read more about beautification programs across the country)

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