There are THREE possible options for honors projects this semester

Honors project for CHM 233, Fall 2017
1. Videos. Students will create TWO video explanations for problems that will appear on the class Homework Website this semester, you will see these short video explanations at the end of some of the problems. You will make videos yourself and give them to me by the end of the semester. You can choose which problems you want to work on yourself. I DON'T promise to actually use your videos. Unfortunately I don't have the time to edit and correct your videos, but if I think that they will be useful then I will add them to the problems website.

Your explanations must be in terms of the basic principles that we learn in class, explanations that suggest memorization or the use of short cuts or tricks are not useful. Do not choose a problem that has a guided option and do not choose a problem that already has a video explanation, or already has a fairly decent or long conventional explanation.

Your video should explain the problem solving PROCESS, it should not be just a repeat of the information given in the explanation that is already provided for the problem. Your video should go beyond what is given in the explanation. It should explain how to do the problem for problems that are difficult to explain in text form, or it should explain how to solve the problem for students who don't understand the provided explanation. You should choose a problem that is already not well explained, or explained well enough. Videos that are just a repeat of what is already provided or are similar to other problems, or are trivial will not be used. In short, your video needs to provide something that is new.

An ideal problem to do a video for is one that you couldn't do on your own, but then found out how to do the problem by some means that was not already part of the provided explanation for that problem or a similar one.

If you want do this project, you can use your phone to make the video, but please do the following:
1. Support or rest your phone on something so that it doesn’t move, shake or wander, i.e. don’t hold it in your hand or have someone else hold it, that doesn’t work too well, or you can try image stabilization if your phone has that option.
2. Don't use a pencil on paper, that will usually not have enough contrast for clarity, use a black pen, or even better, a black marker. 3. Don't include the problem number in your video and don't mention the problem number since these may change from year to year. 4. Make sure that the paper you are writing on fills the screen, otherwise I will have to crop your video and I really don’t have tons of time to do that and so the chances of me using your video are reduced. Record your video in such a way that is it vertical and I don;t have to rotate it. Rotating the videos takes time and it reduces the chances that I will use your video.
5. If at all possible, choose a low resolution video option to make the recording, or the video files become so large they can’t be emailed and they take too long to load. I also don’t have tons of time to reformat your video to lower acceptable resolution, 720pix is a good resolution, although I understand that many phones won’t let you alter the resolution.
6. If your video file is too big to email, please use Google drive or something similar, I’d rather not use dropbox, I find it to be annoying.
If you want to do this project, just submit a contract and I will approve it.

2. CODING. If you can CODE, we could REALLY use your help, or if you know any computer science student who need an honors thesis project, or a capstone project, please send them to me! If you can code, please get in touch with me asap, we will decide on a reasonable a project for you. You will need to be pretty good at coding, Java, Javascript, php etc.

3. MAKE UP YOUR OWN. You can suggest an honors project to me, if I like it I will approve it!