Academic Standards and Retention

Good Standing

Any premajor or major student of the respective academic units of the college is considered in good standing for the purpose of retention if the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher in all courses taken at ASU. However, in order to achieve professional status in the undergraduate degree programs in the college, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher at ASU.


Any student who does not maintain good standing status is placed on probation. A student on academic probation is required to observe any limitations or rules the college may impose as a condition for retention.


A student who is on probation becomes disqualified if (1) the student has not returned to good standing or (2) the student has not met the required semester GPA. Disqualification is exercised at the discretion of the college and becomes effective on the first day of the fall or spring semester following college action. A disqualified student is notified by the Office of the Registrar and/or the dean of the college and is not allowed to register for a fall or spring semester at the university until reinstated. A student who is disqualified may not attend as a nondegree student.


Students seeking reinstatement after disqualification should contact the College Student Services Office regarding procedures and guidance for returning to good standing. When reinstatement includes readmission, application must be made to the Readmissions Section of the Office of the Registrar (Readmissions).

All academic discipline action is the function of the College Student Services Office, WILSON 203, under the direction of the dean of the college. Students having academic problems should contact this office for advising at (480) 965-1034.