College Requirements

In addition to the university General Studies requirement, the College of Public Programs requires the following.


All undergraduate majors are required to take one of the following courses:

  • COM 100 Introduction to Human Communication (SB)
  • COM 225 Public Speaking
  • COM 230 Small Group Communication (SB)
  • COM 241 Introduction to Oral Interpretation (HU)
  • COM 259 Communication in Business & the Professions

These courses present an overview of human communication and help the student to develop oral presentation skills and competence. The course may be included within the university General Studies requirements and major requirements where appropriate.

Computer Science

A computer science course is required for all undergraduate majors in the College of Public Programs. Any CS course from the university General Studies list that involves the use of computer application skills is acceptable. It may be included within the Mathematical Studies requirement where appropriate. Please see your academic advisor for a complete list of acceptable courses. Below is a list of commonly taken courses:

  • CSE 180 Computer Literacy
  • CIS 200 Computers in Business
  • EMC 321 Computer Literacy
  • EMC 323 Computer Applications

Writing Competency Requirement

In addition to ENG 101 and 102 First-Year Composition or their equivalents, one of the following courses in advanced written expository composition is required of all undergraduate majors:

  • BUS 301 Fundamentals of Management Communication
  • ENG 215 Strategies of Academic Writing
  • ENG 216 Persuasive Writing
  • ENG 217 Writing Reflective Essays
  • ENG 218 Writing about Literature
  • ENG 301 Writing for the Professions
  • JRN 201 Journalism Newswriting
  • TCM 201 Radio-TV Writing

This course will be counted as fulfilling the university General Studies literacy and critical inquiry (L) requirement.

Limitation on Physical Education Activity Hours

No more than eight hours of physical education activity courses may be counted within the minimum 120 hours required for graduation.

Pass/Fail Option

The College of Public Programs does not offer any courses for pass/fail credit. Courses completed for pass/fail credit outside the College of Public Programs may count only as elective credit in meeting degree requirements.