Professional Status

Individuals who meet the minimum university admission requirements will be admitted to the undergraduate academic unit of the college as a premajor in that respective academic unit.

Professional Status Admission Requirements.

Entry to any undergraduate academic unit of the college with status as a professional requires:

  1. the completion of at least 56 semester hours with a minimum cumulative GPA* of 2.50;
  2. the university First-Year Composition requirement and the university numeracy requirement; and
  3. the College of Public Programs writing competence, communication, and computer requirements.

The academic units may also have additional requirements for professional status. It is your responsibility to meet with an advisor in your major to determine how you will meet those requirements.

Most upper-division courses in the college are not open to premajors. Premajors should check the catalog information in their major fields to determine any course enrollment restrictions.

Students should refer to the section of the catalog and advising documents with reference to their preferred areas of study for specialized departmental retention requirements and/or continued enrollment in their major courses.

*The ASU GPA is computed on ASU courses only and must be based on a minimum of nine semester hours of courses with grade options of "A," "B," "C," "D," or "E.” Please visit Calculating Your GPA for more GPA information.

Note: Previously “professional status” was referred to as “major status.”