Math Placement

All majors in the College of Public Programs are required to complete at minimum MAT 113, MAT 114, or MAT 117. For most students, MAT 114 is the most appropriate choice. MAT 114, College Mathematics, introduces students to statistical research methods. Real-life problems are analyzed using college-level mathematics, and the course prepares students for the research methods classes in their majors.

MAT 117, College Algebra, is a good choice for students who are preparing themselves for MAT 210, Brief Calculus, or are interested in and prepared for the study of linear, quadratic and higher degree polynomials, logarithmic and exponential functions, sequences and series. Some majors in other colleges require MAT 117, but for students in the College of Public Programs, MAT 114, with its emphasis on statistics, prepares students for research methods.

MAT 113, College Algebra Plus, is a relatively new course. MAT 113 combines intermediate algebra with college algebra, bringing together topics from MAT 106 with MAT 117. This course is 5 credit hours, whereas MAT 114 and MAT 117 are 3 credit hours.

To determine proper math placements, all students should take the Unified Math Placement Test. Take the test before enrolling in a math class. Proper placement helps ensure academic success. The test is composed of 44 questions and should take no more than an hour to complete.

For additional information on first-year mathematics, please visit the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.