Campus Match

What Is Campus Match?

Campus Match is an opportunity for freshmen to spend their first semester in a unique learning community. Groups of 25 students are clustered together in the same core classes. Students register for a pre-set schedule that includes a first-year composition course, two general studies courses and a student success seminar-all at popular times and days of the week. As part of Campus Match, students are guaranteed space in these courses.

The student success seminar, UNI 101, is the cornerstone of each cluster. Taught by a peer mentor, UNI 101 provides students with information on university resources, academic strategies, and vital campus issues.

Why Should I Participate?

Campus Match is a great way to meet people and learn good study habits. Attending classes together allows students to form study groups quickly and easily and gives students a chance to get to know each other both in and out of the classroom. Campus Match gives new students the support they need to excel at ASU.

Do You Want More Information?

For more information on Campus Match, and for a listing of current offerings, please visit the Campus Match website.