The College of Public Programs is committed to providing a quality educational experience that blends theory and practice in an effort to prepare students appropriately for their intended professions. One way this is accomplished is by offering students the opportunity to participate in internships as part of their graduation requirements.

The purpose of an internship is to provide students an opportunity to observe, experience, and relate the concepts and theories they have learned in the classroom. Interns find they can gain a great deal of first-hand knowledge about their major and future careers from their day-to-day interaction with staff, clients, and the community at large.

An internship allows students to realize the skills and qualifications needed in the workplace and gives them an opportunity to develop those skills and qualifications. The internship also provides students the chance to have contact with a wide variety of individuals-which could be helpful in future learning experiences and employment opportunities.

If you are an employer and would like to sponsor an internship, please read this information.

To learn more about internships in the College of Public Programs, please visit our program sites:

School of Community Resources and Development

School of Public Affairs

School of Social Work

To learn more about internships, résumés, and interviewing skills, please visit ASU Career Services.