Graduate Studies: FAQs

What is the best source of information about a graduate program?

The best source of information is the academic unit that offers the degree. Admission procedures, degree requirements, and funding policies differ from unit to unit. For contact information, see Graduate Studies in the College of Public Programs.

What is the Graduate College?

The Graduate College at Arizona State University is an umbrella organization that provides valuable resources to all graduate students at the university. The Graduate College approves the degrees offered at the graduate level, coordinates admissions to graduate programs, and provides information regarding financial aid. For information on admissions, health insurance, orientations, theses and dissertations, events, and resources, visit:

What is the e-mail address for Admissions at the Graduate College?

Can the application fee be waived?

ASU cannot waive, defer, or refund the application fee.

Are the catalogs free?

Once you are admitted, you will receive a free copy of the Graduate Catalog; however, the catalog can be viewed on the web at

What is the best source of information on financial aid?

The academic program to which you are applying provides the best information on assistantships, scholarships, and fellowships. Information about loans, grants, and work-study opportunities is also available through the Graduate College at

When is the best time to prepare for graduate school?

It’s never too soon to be preparing for graduate school. Undergraduate students are well-advised to maintain a high grade-point average from the start, become familiar with research topics and methods, and work with faculty on scholarly projects. The faculty at your undergraduate institution are an excellent source of information on graduate programs, and they are the best people to ask for letters of reference.

What are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines differ for each program. Check with the graduate advisor in the academic program to which you are applying.

Is the College of Public Programs a good place for graduate study?

The College of Public Programs is an outstanding place for graduate study. Ours is a dynamic faculty who are leaders in their fields. Opportunities for meaningful research are plentiful. The Phoenix metropolitan area is at our doorstep, and we offer the “college town” atmosphere of Tempe. The combination of people and locale make the College of Public Programs a place unparalleled in possibilities for those interested in becoming leaders of their fields.