What a First-Semester
Schedule Might Look Like?

For your first semester at ASU, we recommend that you register for 12-15 credit hours. That’s four or five classes. Most of the classes that you will be registering for will meet university, college, and general studies requirements. You will probably not take courses in your major until your second or third semester, depending on your major.

A common schedule for a student with a major in the College of Public Programs (that’s you) looks like this:

First-year Composition
College Success Elective
Social & Behavioral Science
Humanities and Fine Arts*
First-year Seminar
    3 hours
    3 hours
1-3 hours
    3 hours

    3 hours
      1 hour  
14-16 hours

*Please refer to the suggested two-year curriculum found on the back of the curriculum checksheet for the recommended schedule for your specific major.

The back side of your “Advising & Registration Worksheet” lists common course options to meet the above-listed requirements. Remember to read the course descriptions in the ASU General Catalog and check class times in the Schedule of Classes.