The advisors in the College of Public Programs strive to perform their duties in a professional, ethical, confidential, accurate, and supportive manner, respecting student diversity and needs, and always holding the individual in highest regard. The student and advisor should accomplish this process in a spirit of shared responsibility to develop academic excellence, strong decision-making skills, and self-reliance. A student who has been admitted to the College of Public Programs is assigned an academic advisor from the academic unit of the student’s major area of study.

School of Community Resources and Development
Agriculture Building 281, Voice (480) 965-7291
Mail Code: 4703, Fax (480) 965-5664

Catherine Borem, Academic Advisor (480) 727-7050

School of Public Affairs
Wilson Hall 208, Voice (480) 965-9248
Mail Code: 0603, Fax (480) 965-9248

Chris Hiryak Chris Hiryak, Student Services Coordinator
(480) 965-1037

School of Social Work
West Hall 135, Voice (480) 965-6081
Mail Code: 1802, Fax (480) 965-5986

Laura Orr Laura Orr, Academic Advising Coordinator
John McClure John McClure, Academic Advisor

School of Social Work - Tucson Component
340 N. Commerce Park Loop, Ste. 250
Tucson, AZ 85257, Voice (520) 884-5507, Ext. 10

Shirley Cox, Academic Advisor
(520) 884-5507, ext. 10,

College of Public Programs Student Services
Dean’s Office, Wilson Hall, Room 235, Voice (480) 965-1034
Mail Code: 0803, Fax (480) 965-9189

Cheryl Herrera Cheryl Herrera, Director of Student Services
Sara Lyness Sara Lyness , Student Services Coordinator, Associate