Questions Students Often Ask

Questions you may have, information you may find useful:

How can students attending Arizona public community colleges see how their coursework will transfer to an Arizona public university?

What are the College Requirements?

What might a first-semester schedule look like?

What are First-Year Seminars?

What is General Studies?

Does ASU have an English Composition requirement?

How is math placement determined?

Where is there information on internships?

Is the schedule of classes online?

Who are the advisors, and what do they do?

What are some advising expectations?

When is advising mandatory?

Where can I find information about medical/compassionate withdrawals?

Where can I find information about pre-law?

Where can I get information about late registration transactions (e.g., late drop/add, late registration, late unrestricted withdrawals, late restricted withdrawals)?

How do I Petition the Standards Committee (pdf)?

Where can I find the University Standards Committee Petition form (pdf)?

Where can I find the Overload/College Standards Petition Form (pdf)?

Are you having trouble understanding your transcript?

How do we calculate your grade point average?

What is the Dean’s List?

Are there any scholarships in the College?

What does major status mean?

What is Campus Match?

What are the College rules regarding academic standards and retention?

Is the ASU Catalog online?

Is there a registration checklist?

What academic programs are in the College?

What are some student activities?

What is the Barrett Honors College?

What is the Bachelors of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)?

Is the ASU Student Affairs manual online?

Where is the Financial Aid Office?

Hooray! It’s time to graduate!What happens to alumni?

Do people ever donate money to the College of Public Programs?

If you have ideas for further questions on this site, please e-mail the Associate Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Segal.