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Criminal Justice Issues of Arizona, Issue 5


Domestic violence is Phoenix’s most commonly reported violent crime, but many suspects’ cases are dismissed almost immediately after arrest, and many others are freed from jail without the supervision recommended by a standard risk-analysis. Risk Management reports these findings among others from analysis of data collected by Phoenix Municipal Court. The brief looks at more than 6,800 surveys with DV suspects collected by jail personnel between July 2006 and June 2008.

Analysis showed that 43% of DV suspects had their cases dismissed shortly after being arrested and brought to jail, and before going to court.

Another finding  showed 77% of DV suspects should be supervised while on bail to ensure that they follow release guidelines, show up for court, and aren’t a danger to the community. But with screening and supervision programs cancelled for financial reasons, every year around 1,500 Phoenix DV suspects who should be supervised while on bail are not being supervised.

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