The Future at Pinal

Making Choices, Making Places

July 2007

For most of the past 50 years, Pinal County hasn’t had to think much about its image, choices, or growth. But now, Pinal County is changing faster than anyone ever imagined.

Will Pinal become a distinguishable destination or simply a McMega drive through? If Pinal rises to the occasion, the result can be a vibrant, sustainable, and competitive place that takes advantage of its location. If Pinal fails to choose wisely, its bedroom community future is already visible in
the East Valley and subdivisions north of Tucson.
Which will it be?

When Arizona’s economy depended on the 4Cs – copper, cotton, citrus, and cattle – Pinal County was a leader in 2 of them. These historic sources of wealth and touchstones of heritage still play a role in the county’s economy, but dramatic population growth and new economic drivers make this a different, distinctive time. This new era demands new vision, new ideas, and new ways of thinking, even as past strengths are kept in mind.

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The Future at Pinal - Making Choices, Making Places is available to check out at all Pinal County Library District Locations as well as most valley-area libraries. Please note, most libraries have only one copy for check-out.
Get even more information by reading the Pinal County Comprehensive Plan» Pinal County Comprehensive Plan


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