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Greater Phoenix Forward

Sustaining and Enhancing the Human-Services Infrastructure

Maricopa County has experienced remarkable population growth for decades, and will continue to do so. But while expanding metro areas tend to pay close attention to physical infrastructure—diligently budgeting for roads, sewers, schools and the like—there is often a relative lack of attention to meeting the future demands for human services.

Greater Phoenix Forward, by ASU’s College of Public Programs and Morrison Institute, aims to help fill that gap. It offers community and policy leaders and human services practitioners the latest data and new perspectives for understanding the Valley’s human services infrastructure and a “big picture” of future needs. The report contains:

  • Data describing human services structures and functions in Maricopa County
  • Trends for the populations who provide and use these services
  • Analyses of how to sustain the present level and quality of human services
  • A glimpse of how current service trends could play out by 2012
  • A presentation of critical policy challenges for the future

Relying on the expertise from throughout the College of Public Programs, this report analyzes 12 critically important topics, including children and families, poverty, substance abuse, and Latinos.

Major support was provided by Valley of the Sun United Way and the City of Phoenix, with additional funding from Alcoa Foundation, SRP, APS, and Downtown
Phoenix Partnership.

Download by chapter:

Introduction: Greater Phoenix Forward: Measuring and Meeting our Human-Service Needs

Chapter 1: Greater Phoenix: Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics

Chapter 2: Human-Service Infrastructure of Greater Phoenix

Chapter 3: Nonprofits: Delivering Human Services

Chapter 4: Untreated Mental Disorders: The Hidden Burden in Greater Phoenix

Chapter 5: Supporting Children and Families: A Child-Welfare Perspective

Chapter 6: From Human Services To Human Development: A Resilience Perspective

Chapter 7: Aging: The Changing Human-Services Needs of the Third Age

Chapter 8: Substance-Abuse Prevention and Treatment: Challenges and Opportunities

Chapter 9: Latinos in Greater Phoenix: A Growing Stake Holder Community

Chapter 10: Poverty: The Valley's Economic Divide

Chapter 11: Human Services of Arizona's "Second Population"

Chapter 12: Parks and Recreation Opportunities in an Era of Growth

Chapter 13: Arts and Culture in Greater Phoenix

Conclusion: Conclusions and Policy Implications

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