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Criminal Justice Issues for Arizona,
Issue 4

The Purple Ribbon Study Circles Pilot Project Evaluation

A grassroots dialogue-to-action program designed to inspire bottom-up collaboration on issues of domestic violence proved to be a success, and several important lessons were learned to help full implementation, according to the fourth issue of Morrison Institute’s online series, Criminal Justice Issues for Arizona.

The pilot program of the Purple Ribbon Study Circles Project ran in six cities in Greater Phoenix from September through December 2008. This briefing evaluates the study circles: four sessions with small, diverse groups of people, led by an impartial facilitator managing discussion on ways local communities can develop and implement action agendas to lessen domestic homicide and domestic abuse.

Key findings include:

  • The facilitators felt that the participatory goals of the program were fully met.


  • 100% of participants' said they would like to stay involved in the study circles action plan devised by their group; 92% said that participation in the study circle meetings made them more aware of things their community could do to combat domestic violence, and that they would recommend others to become involved in future study circles on domestic violence.


  • Greater efforts must be made to recruit a more representative group of participants, beyond those directly involved in the issue personally or professionally.

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