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Arizonans On Edge…So Why Not Involved?

Two-thirds of Arizonans who participated in the latest Arizona Indicators panel survey are dissatisfied with how the Arizona Legislature is dealing with the state budget and tax issues. And of those respondents who keep close tabs on current news about the Arizona state budget, 80% disapproved of the legislature’s handling of the situation.  In the past 12 months, attitudes about job security have shifted significantly, and for some panelists, so have worries about a declining quality of life.

These new data are among the findings from a statewide panel of a representative sample of Arizonans just released in Arizonans On Edge…So Why Not Involved? The panel survey tracks how Arizonans are thinking and feeling over time. AZ Views reports the data and analysis from the survey. The panel is part of Arizona Indicators, which is a project of Morrison Institute. These latest findings include a look at how attitudes have changed about a range of issues in the past year.

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