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Sustainability for Arizona:
The Issue of Our Age

Arizona Policy Choices 2007

Nearly everyone is talking about sustainability. But what exactly does it mean—especially for Arizona? Morrison Institute and Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability answer that question and many more in Sustainability for Arizona: The Issue of Our Age.

The 6th edition of Arizona Policy Choices, Sustainability for Arizona describes sustainability as a defining issue and organizing principle for the 21st century. The report provides real-life examples of sustainability in practice as well as advice and insights of 28 policy leaders and thinkers from the public and private sectors. With essays from civic leaders, ranchers, developers, educators, business leaders, scholars, and others, the topics span a range that includes water resources, education, historic preservation, innovation, health care, green building, and urban planning.

The report not only presents unique perspectives on sustainability’s implications for Arizona, but also asks and addresses critical questions about sustainability, such as:
• Is Arizona sustainable now?
• Can a sustainable economy be a competitive economy?
• Does sustainability mean bridging the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”?
• Will inaction and growth stymie sustainability and environmental efforts?
• How can Arizona keep score on sustainability?

Table of Contents

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1. Cover, Authors, Foreward & Table of Contents

2. Part One - Defining Sustainability

3. Part Two - Questions Leaders Are Asking About Sustainability

4. Part Three - Leading Thinkers Speak Out On Sustainability

5. Part Four - Sustainability At Work: Examples of Public, Private, Public-Private Partnership Initiatives

6. Part Five - Arizona's Sustainable Future

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Watch the TV coverage on HORIZON, KAET’s nightly public affairs show as Rob Melnick and Jon Fink discuss Sustainability for Arizona:
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