About Morrison Institute

Morrison Institute for Public Policy bridges the gap between academic scholarship and public policy through services to public and private sector clients and independent research. Providing research, program evaluation, and outreach to organizations in Arizona, Morrison is a unit within the School of Public Affairs, College of Public Programs at Arizona State University.

Driven by a mission to conduct timely, applied analysis that informs, advises, and assists Arizona's state and community leaders, Morrison Institute researches public policies that impact greater Phoenix, the State of Arizona, and the nation. Through publications and forums, Morrison Institute’s research serves the public officials, private sector leaders, and community members who shape public policy.

Morrison Institute was established in 1982 through a grant from Marvin and June Morrison of Gilbert, Arizona, in response to the state's growing need for objective research on of public policy issues. Through its history, Morrison Institute has conducted important work on topics that span education reform, water resources, health care, human services, urban growth, government structure, arts and culture, technology, quality of life, public finance, environment, sustainability, and economic development.

The Advisory Board for Morrison Institute is a non-partisan group of leading Arizona business people, scholars, public officials, and public policy experts. Support is provided by private and public funds and contract research.


Policy Research — the process of examining public problems, understanding the issues, and providing reasonable options for positive change.

Morrison Institute provides public policy research for government agencies, private associations, nonprofit organizations, and communities. In conducting research, analysts draw upon a variety of disciplines and methods: collecting original data through public opinion surveys, interviews, and consultation with experts; and analyzing existing information through review of published research reports, current legislation, and statistical data.

Program Evaluation — the process of determining whether funded programs have achieved their intended purposes, providing timely feedback as to why or why not, and making recommendations for improvement.

As public efforts and expenditures come under closer scrutiny, sponsors have increasingly sought to evaluate the results of programs and services. Morrison Institute's comprehensive evaluation background offers the expertise for accurate assessments, and provides timely feedback so program managers and policymakers can make sound decisions about programs.

Public Outreach — the process of informing, assisting, and involving people in significant public issues.

Community members often struggle to find and understand reliable information on public policy issues that affect their future. In addition, many residents would like to be involved in the policy making process, but do not know how to do so. Through facilitation of public meetings, extensive media appearances and public speaking, technical assistance, and electronic and print publications, Morrison Institute provides information for laypeople and fosters participation in public policy debates and decisions.

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