Forum 411: Engaging Arizona’s Leaders

This quarterly briefing series offering policy, business, and community leaders information on Arizona’s critical issues. “Forum 411” references Morrison’s location at the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus at 411 North Central Avenue. The series is sponsored by Westcor.

Arizona’s Mind-Body Problem: Mental Health Systems and Choices
Forum 411

Edition 2, Issue 1
June 2009

Arizona’s Mind-Body Problem: Mental Health Systems and Choices, the fifth issue of the Forum 411 series, looks at the second-class status of behavioral health in Arizona. Treating physical and mental health separately adversely impacts all Arizonans—the majority who rely on private health insurance as well as some of the state’s sickest and most vulnerable adults and children who are treated in a public mental health system that has been criticized as underfunded, understaffed, and highly uneven in its quality of care.

Great Expectations: Arizona Teens Speak Up
Forum 411

Issue 4
March 2009

“Great Expectations: Arizona Teens Speak Up,” the fourth issue of Morrison Institute for Public Policy’s Forum 411 briefing series, offers insights into the state’s 600,000-plus adolescents from professionals who work with them every day and from teens themselves. The success of today’s teens is particularly important because of the aging of society and Arizona’s high “dependency ratio,” or the number of children and seniors in relation to those of working age. Arizona has the nation’s second highest rate. Arizona’s teens have aspirations. The question is whether Arizona will help young people with public policies that address risks, reward achievements, and expand opportunities.

Yin and Yang Political Science
Forum 411

Issue 3
December 2008

The third installment of Forum 411 focuses on the evolving roles of government by looking at five state and local entities that impact nearly all Arizonans, but are not well-known. By looking at how these agencies came to be, how their purposes have changed over time, and how the state’s expectations have altered, this briefing revisits the enduring question: What do we want from government?

Forum 411: Engaging Arizona's Leaders

We Are L.A.?
Forum 411

Issue 2
September 2008

All big cities have mixed images, but the über-negative view of Los Angeles is grounded in three attributes – smog, congestion, and sprawl. We Are La explores these problems and takes a closer look at comparisons that are often made between Phoenix and L.A.

Immigration: From Global to Local to Kids

Immigration: From Global to Local Kids
Forum 411

Issue 1
June 2008

This debut issue of the Forum 411 series describes the worldwide migration phenomenon and the reality for Arizona that immigration is as much about kids and parents as it is about workers and employers. It introduces "Generation Global" -- or "Gen G" – the thousands of children with global ties who will help shape Arizona's economy.

Immigration: From Global to Local to Kids


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