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New Data: Many Domestic Violence Cases Dismissed, Suspects Go Without Supervision

Domestic violence is Phoenix’s most commonly reported violent crime, but many suspects’ cases are dismissed almost immediately after arrest, and many others are freed from jail without the supervision recommended by a standard risk-analysis.

These are among the findings reported in Risk Management: Assessing Domestic Violence Suspects Arrested in Phoenix, the fifth issue of the Criminal Justice Issues in Arizona.

New Arizona Indicators Panel Data Shows Arizonans Dissatisfied with Legislature, On Edge about Jobs and Quality of Life

Two-thirds of Arizonans who participated in the latest Arizona Indicators Panel are dissatisfied with how the Arizona Legislature is dealing with the state budget and tax issues. And of those respondents who keep close tabs on current news about the Arizona state budget, 80% disapproved of the legislature’s handling of the situation.  In the past 12 months, attitudes about how Arizonans feel about job security have shifted significantly, and for some panelists, so have worries about a declining quality of life.

These and other results have just been released in the new AZ Views briefing, Arizonans On Edge…So Why Not Involved?

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